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10 Things About Mass Effect You Might Not Know About After Playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition


The unique Mass Impact trilogy has been out because the conclusion again in 2013 with the third sport’s last DLC. With so many newcomers and returning followers having now had an opportunity to get pleasure from what the Mass Impact Legendary Version has to supply, we figured now was the proper time to drop some fact bombs relating to a galaxy that gifted us with goal, household, and everyone’s favourite Turian. If you would like even extra in regards to the universe BioWare created, you may also take a look at our expanded lore breakdown right here. However first, let’s get to a few of these juicy information. 


Being blonde is tough.

Within the ebook Mass Impact: Revelation, written by Drew Karpyshyn, it’s confirmed that blondes are virtually utterly extinct within the Mass Impact universe resulting from its recessive trait nature. There may be a complete sequence of books that dive deeper into the time earlier than Commander Shepard, which is nice for those who need to be taught extra about iconic characters reminiscent of Saren and David Anderson. This little tidbit about blondes is the explanation that the majority of my Jane Shepards are sporting a lighter do. 

An actual suicide mission.

Suppose you had been unhappy when your Commander Shepard died (we’re ignoring the breath for argument’s sake right here)? Properly, the unique ending was a lot darker! The unique thought behind the trilogy was to have your complete crew die a hero’s loss of life, dying alongside Shepard throughout the last showdown with the Reapers. Fortunately, that did not up changing into the case, and a few of our most beloved characters went on to outlive in a world with out Reapers. 

Garrus is proof to by no means quit in your desires.

Garrus is the very best whether or not he’s your bro or your go-to love curiosity, however that wasn’t at all times the case. Followers liked the renegade Turian a lot within the first sport, the place he wasn’t romanceable, that they went nuts with fan fiction and fan artwork. The fan-created universe of Vakarian love was so good that it made BioWare rethink him as a possible sweetie for FemShep. 

A bit Aria.

Aria has a daughter. Yup, the “I’m Omega” persona is a centuries-year outdated prison genius however someplace alongside the way in which, she added “Mom” to her repertoire. This enjoyable reality was revealed in Mass Impact: Retribution with Aria’s offspring being named Liselle. With out spoiling Liselle’s storyline, she really has a really huge position within the Cerberus narrative arc relating to the epic Omega takeover.

There have been larger plans for the Illusive Man.

The faceoff in opposition to the Reapers in Mass Impact 3 was brutal, however that last struggle wasn’t the unique plan for the franchise’s Huge Dangerous. Initially, BioWare slated the Illusive Man to be the large villain however the studio finally shifted away from that concept as a result of his last confrontation felt an excessive amount of like Saren’s within the first sport. 

Vorcho, oh Vorcha.

Vorcha sound fairly annoying proper? Aside from the darling that delivers us pizza within the Citadel DLC and the Biotic God himself. Do you know that each Vorcha in Mass Impact is voiced by Commander Shepard himself? At the very least when you go MaleShep, as a result of Mark Meer is the viscous disjointed voice heard throughout Omega. 

There’s extra to Saren, however he is nonetheless a butt.

Saren is first launched to Sovereign within the ebook Revelation the place he infiltrates a secret AI challenge that the Alliance tries to cover from the remainder of the galaxy. The ability breached housed a Reaper-created artifact, thus starting Saren’s indoctrination and eventual cope with Sovereign itself. It is an interesting character research into the primary sport’s massive unhealthy, particularly when trying on the sociopathic manner he approaches every mission, giving Anderson simply trigger to be suspicious of him after we meet him in Mass Impact 1. 

Mr. James Vega.

We had been first launched to James Vega within the animated film Mass Impact: Paragon Misplaced earlier than he turned a squadmate within the third sport. We see him encounter the Collector’s for the primary time within the human colony Fehl Prime the place he additionally learns what it means to sacrifice all the things for the mission. 

Uh, dietary points.

If a Vorcha and an Asari mate, their baby will mechanically be allergic to all dairy merchandise (the extra ). 

That is it, that is all I’ve acquired. 

Jane vs. John.

“Cannon” Commander Shepard was initially a girl as the primary character till BioWare finally determined to concentrate on a male protagonist as a substitute. Whereas characters may at all times select between a John or Jane Shepard, the advertising was purely MaleShep-driven till the third sport.

Need much more Mass Impact goodness? Try our sport hub right here for the Mass Impact Legendary Version! We have got cosplay, we have information, mods — something you may need! 

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