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25 Seconds Of New EarthBound 64 Footage Emerges Online


Earthbound 64 Spaceworld 1997
Picture: Zen64

In the beginning of this month, somebody put a company Nintendo CD-ROM from 1998 on sale. The winner of the web public sale was a Twitter consumer generally known as Zen, who paid the equal of $357 USD for the merchandise, after discovering the disc contained footage of the cancelled N64 mission, EarthBound 64 – additionally recognized again then as Mom 3.

So, what does it give us? 25 seconds of beforehand unseen footage of the EarthBound 64 from the 1997 House World occasion in Japan. There is not any sound and the video is restricted to 240p.

This footage is totally different to the clip we noticed again in 2019 and 2006. And we have gotta admit, for a Nintendo 64 sport it seems to be fairly spectacular – 3D character fashions and a few pretty settings and backdrops.

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