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A sneak peek at Warframe’s Void Angels enemy, arriving April 27 – PlayStation.Blog


Even earlier than the discharge of our first Cinematic Quest seven years in the past, the Zariman Ten Zero has represented one of many largest mysteries in Warframe. It’s an enormous colony ship stranded in a mind-bending dimension known as The Void that exists outdoors of house and time. It’s additionally the setting of a supernatural and violent tragedy that created Warframe’s participant protagonists, the Tenno.

On April 27, Tenno are lastly returning to this derelict ship to confront their previous in Angels of the Zariman, a free replace for PS4 and PS5 gamers that permits you to step immediately into this shrouded and bloody chapter of Warframe’s historical past. Lured by an ethereal music radiating throughout the Origin System, gamers will uncover how years of Void publicity twisted the Zariman into a spot each stunning and haunting—the place ghosts of the previous now stalk its lush, overgrown halls. At the moment, I need to peel again the shroud simply a smidge to speak about a type of ghosts: Void Angels.

A Heavenly Refrain

When Tenno briefly visited the Zariman Ten Zero as a part of final yr’s The New Conflict Replace, one of the vital unsettling issues they witnessed had been the vaguely humanoid shapes that fashioned from The Void molt that congealed all through the ship. In Angels of the Zariman these elegant, unsettling statues come to life because the replace’s primary boss encounter. Void Angels are carefully tied to the mysterious tragedy that occurred aboard the Zariman so a few years in the past, and creating them has been one of the vital thrilling and daunting challenges of this complete replace.

After we started work on The New Conflict our artwork group started exploring all of the methods The Void would possibly distort the Zariman. We had been impressed by the idea of fractals—unending patterns that turn out to be extra advanced the nearer you look—and the alien look of marine life, and commenced exploring how which may look when utilized to humanoid shapes. The consequence had been these hauntingly stunning statues that flowed virtually like liquid mercury. Half-recognizable faces in a twisting, chrome shell.

After we noticed the consequence, we knew that these Void Angel statues might be a lot greater than a mere set ornament. So we began planning the second we might flip them right into a difficult new boss and stored their true objective a closely-guarded secret.

Angels of Conflict

Warframe is already identified for its distinctive aesthetic, however Void Angels required our artwork, animation, design, and audio groups to actually push themselves to create a boss not like something Tenno have encountered earlier than.

Even earlier than you battle one, you’ll really feel the hazard Void Angels pose. Their music echoes by the Zariman’s halls, turning into blood-curdling screams as they shut in in your place. And also you don’t simply battle Void Angels in a single airplane of existence, both. Gamers might want to weaken the Void Angel and swap to their Operator with the intention to enter a pocket dimension of The Void to battle the Angel’s true kind. This pocket dimension is an entire totally different fight area, one that can check your mastery of your Operator’s Void Skills as you sq. off in opposition to the Void Angel. On this ethereal kind, the Void Angel will bombard you with projectiles that coat the world in damaging Void Corruption. And when you’ve weakened it sufficient, you’ll want to assemble shattered protecting fragments to protect your self in opposition to a deadly vitality assault.

That’s just a bit of what you may count on once you encounter Void Angels for the primary time. Along with our new Thrax Centurion enemy kind, which we revealed again in Devstream 160, gamers are going to have to make use of each software of their Warframe’s and Operator’s Arsenal to remain alive in Angels of the Zariman’s three new mission modes.

Whereas Void Angels and Thrax Centurions are positive to maintain you on the transfer as you discover the Zariman, there’s a lot extra to this replace that we are able to’t look ahead to gamers to expertise. You’ll be capable to battle enemies as Gyre, our forty ninth Warframe, enhance and improve your individual Dormizone house, uncover highly effective new weapons that evolve and tackle new traits as you full challenges, and even change the feel and materials of choose Warframes with our new Void Shell skins—opening up an entire new realm of Vogue Framing for choose Warframes. And all of that is wrapped up in a brand new Quest that’ll lastly peel again a few of the thriller across the Zariman itself. 

I hope you’ve loved this little style of what’s to come back in Angels of the Zariman when it launches for PS4 and PS5 on April 27.

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