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Abandoned Developer Shuts Down Silent Hill Rumors In New Video, Q&A Coming Soon


Blue Box Game Studio Was at the epicenter of rumors on the Last month Due to the upcoming horror adventure Named Abandoned.

There has been a number of theories regarding that which Abandoned are, but perhaps one of the very predominant rumors links back it for being a Quiet Hill endeavor that Hideo Kojima is keeping hidden. Some of those enthusiast notions out that there are pretty crazy as well as the studio itself has tried to describe thembut any clarification was met with disbelief and it has experienced any feeling which the”deflection” is”proof” it’s Silent Hill. The studio manager is saying that the studio’s precision and putting a”face” into the individual at a brand new video.

Hasan Kahraman took to Twitter to deliver a brief and to the point video concerning the approaching Abandoned video game. The nature of this studio was a hot issue, considering the fact it is an inferior indie company that maybe not alot is known concerning. Kahraman himself is a enormous supply of conspiracy theories, together with some claiming he’s a celebrity covering-up for Kojima. With this much hype surrounding expectations and standards being placed up on the tiny literary team, it’s been enjoyable, distressing, and eccentric watching the events unfold. Theories and buff speculation aside, Kahraman didn’t beat around the bush as it came into speaking directly from the center and squashing the rumors available: 

The key points he contested from the above mentioned video is he is not just a paid performer, he’s a true programmer, they have been in reality doing work on a match named Abandoned,” he fails to work – or has been correlated whatsoever – using Hideo Kojima, also that the team isn’t functioning to a brand new Silent Hill job. In addition, he affirmed that the studio is currently seeking to perform some dev Q&A video so on, though a particular date wasn’t set yet. 

Regardless of the video obviously covering a few of the highest speculation issues, there remain those refuting the thing that had been sticking and said into the idea it is just a paid performer. Because of very personal concern, Abandoned appears to be assuring alot with this kind of a team and a team we do not actually have any history for contrast. My stress is the speculation-driven hype enclosing Abandoned will put deep rooted expectations on the terror match, expectations which are going to not be possible to reach since the experience itself isn’t exactly what folks are imagining. I am curious, and that I understand I’m definately not alone, what the up coming Q&A session provides, notably concerning the graphically suspended ambitions for your own survival name. 

Which are the ideas about the jelqing loop of rumors? Conspiracy theories contributed in good pleasure, is this just an elaborate stunt using Kojima, or is it a larger conversation about the routines of the network together with anticipation vs. reality? Sound off with your sexy ingests the comment section below. 

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