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All The New Pokémon In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet – Feature


Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are the most recent Pokémon video games on the block, and the primary new mainline entry within the collection since Pokémon Sword and Protect got here out in November 2019. Scarlet and Violet will probably be out later this yr — the 18th November, 2022, to be actual — they usually’re each primarily based across the Iberian Peninsula, so anticipate a variety of Spanish and Portuguese cultural references.

Listed below are all the brand new Pokémon we learn about to this point:

New Pokémon


Sprigatito is a mixture of “sprig” — like, uh, a plant — and “gatito”, the Spanish for “small cat”. He’s a small cat, and he’s grass-type. He is 1’4″ tall, 9 lbs, and his capability is Overgrow. We additionally know that he’s able to photosynthesis, and he has a particular transfer that “releases a candy aroma” to make opponents lose their will to battle.


Fuecoco is a tiny lad referred to as the “Hearth Croc Pokémon”, and his identify comes from the Spanish “fuego”, which means hearth, and “cocodrilo”, a crocodile. He is presupposed to seem like a chili pepper, however we predict he appears like an apple. He is fire-type, clearly, 1’4″ tall, 21.6 lbs (he is a heavy boy!) and he has the power Blaze. His particular transfer is the power to soak up warmth by means of his scales, and convert them into hearth power.


Quaxly is the final of the three starter Pokémon. He is the water-type Duckling Pokémon, the tallest of the three at 1’8″ tall, 13.4 lbs, and with the power Torrent. His signature transfer is a few sort of leg-related one, we suspect, because the official web site states that “in battle, it kicks its opponents swiftly and repeatedly.”


Pawmi is an electric-type Mouse Pokémon (sounds acquainted) who stands at simply 1 foot tall, and weighs a tiny 5.5 lbs. He is one of many Pokémon utilized by your good friend, Nemona, with the power Static or Pure Remedy. He can generate electrical energy by rubbing his cheeks, and we formally suppose that Sport Freak has run out of concepts. He is VERY cute although, so it is onerous to care.


Lechonk is one other of Nemona’s Pokémon, a mixture of lechon (pork) and chonk (like, chonky. Chunky. He is fats). He is a normal-type Hog Pokémon, 1’8″ tall, and a whopping 22.5 lbs, with the power Aroma Veil (which repels bug Pokémon) or Gluttony. The web site says that he “might seem fats at first look, however in actuality, the Pokémon’s physique is usually muscle constructed by continuously strolling round seeking meals.” Awww.


Smoliv, the final of Nemona’s Pokémon, is — get this — a small olive. We love him. He is a twin grass and normal-type Olive Pokémon, 1′ tall, 14.3 lbs (most likely as a result of olive pit), and he has the power Early Chicken. Very like a camel, Smoliv shops vitamins within the type of oil within the fruit on its head, so he can go for per week with out consuming or consuming. The oil can be used as a weapon, however largely to purchase this scaredy-olive time to run away.



Koraidon (left) is the primary of the 2 legendaries, which gamers of Pokémon Scarlet will get to satisfy. Not a lot is thought about Koraidon, however in accordance with Pokéjungle, “korai” means “historic” in Japanese. He appears dragon-type, at the least, perhaps with a twin combating or hearth kind.



Miraidon (proper) is the legendary for Pokémon Violet, and Pokéjungle says that “mirai” means “future” in Japanese — and he actually appears the half, as a result of he appears like a dragon made out of automobile elements. Maybe dragon/electrical kind?

Returning Pokémon

From the trailers, we all know that we’ll see these Pokémon returning (in addition to presumably their whole evolutionary household):

  • Fletchling
  • Talonflame
  • Flaaffy
  • Venonat
  • Pikachu
  • Coalossal
  • Cryogonal
  • Flabébé
  • Chewtle
  • Larvitar
  • Bagon
  • Toxapex
  • Gengar
  • Lurantis

We’d additionally see Drifloon, Hatenna, and Applin, as they have been seen in sticker kind:

Gallery 02 L

That is all we all know to this point, so keep glued to this channel to seek out out extra Pokémon names, varieties, and designs as we discover ’em!

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