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Astra: Fading Stars – Beta Demo


Astra: Fading Stars is a superbly animated 2D motion journey set in a world the place the celebrities are being enveloped in darkness and also you got down to battle the corruption that’s inflicting it.

In Astra: Fading Stars you have got a strong means that springs out of your soul, known as the Astral Name, which you employ to work together with the atmosphere, parry assaults and battle enemies you encounter. As you discover the world you’ll meet hostile and non-hostile creatures (largely hostile), uncover secrets and techniques, improve your skills and battle highly effective bosses.

The 2D motion platforming gameplay of Astra: Fading Stars isn’t particuarly groundbreaking, however the controls are responsive, the world is attention-grabbing and the pixel artwork animation is improbable. A stupendous old style motion platforming journey that ought to supply a pleasant quantity of replayability due to its randomized world and gameplay parts.

Download The Astra: Fading Stars Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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