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BattleJuice – Beta Sign Up


BattleJuice is a single-player RPG that mixes crafting, riddle fixing, top-down fight and third individual bullet-time as you battle demons in a procedurally generated land.

Going down in a procedurally generated wilderness that was as soon as New England, BattleJuice follows the journey of Juice, an alchemist who’s been referred to as in to rid the land of demons. You may discover and battle in a top-down view, however throughout fight you may as well enter a 3rd individual bullet-time that enables for extra tactical battles.

As you’re an alchemist, you don’t use weapons or armor, however you may craft a big selection of various potions which may help you in numerous methods. You construct a listing of them, as in a deck-building sport they usually have numerous makes use of, starting from highly effective assaults to long-term buffs.

It’s a enjoyable wanting sport with a putting visible type and a novel fight system that ought to enable for loads of tactical depth. Join the Beta to see what extraordinary potions you may rustle up within the wastelands!

Sign Up For The BattleJuice Alchemist Beta Here (Click on “Request Entry”)

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