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It is Easter, and we right here at Nintendo Life suppose that “Easter Egg” options are extra overdone than an egg boiled for 20 minutes. Apart from, we learn about all of the Easter Eggs in video games already, from Chris Houlihan’s room to the key Tingle dungeon that yow will discover in Skyward Sword by coming into the Konami code. (That final one’s not actual. Proper?)

However Easter is all about eggs (amongst different issues), so why not have fun our yolky buddies with a listing of the perfect eggies in video video games? This weekend, whenever you’re chomping down on a hole facsimile of a rooster oval, consider all the wonderful eggs there have been throughout the years. Is not that the true which means of Easter, in spite of everything? (no)


From: Pokémon Gold and Silver

Togepi is an emblem of a less complicated time within the Pokémon video games. The precocious little lad first appeared not within the video games, however the anime, after which later appeared in Pokémon Gold and Silver as an egg that will later hatch. He finally evolves right into a form of lengthy egg, Togetic, and finally a form of flying egg-thing, Togekiss. Apart from “egg”, what’s he? We’d by no means actually know.


From: The Dizzy collection

In case your first reply to “what is an effective egg in video games” is “Dizzy”, then congratulations: You might be over 30. Dizzy is an anthropomorphic egg and Prince of the Yolkfolk who first appeared within the sport of the identical identify on the Commodore 64, the Amstrad CPC, and the ZX Spectrum again in 1987, and would later seem on the Nintendo Leisure System in a sport referred to as Treasure Island Dizzy (or just, Dizzy II). If you wish to get to know the unique egg, you’ll be able to play Quick Meals Dizzy on the Swap!

Paper Child Yoshi (or no matter you referred to as him)

From: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Yr Door

Though it will be a simple win to incorporate “Yoshi’s Eggs” within the record of finest eggs in video games, we really feel like that is a little bit of a cop-out… when Paper Mario contains a way more fascinating model. Within the improbable, unparalleled Glitzville chapter of Thousand-Yr Door, Mario and buddies obtain a mysterious egg which follows them round, finally hatching right into a Child Yoshi whose color is dependent upon how lengthy you waited to hatch him. He is simply probably the greatest companions within the sport, and also you additionally get to identify him your self!


From: Pokémon Crimson and Blue

Exeggcute is not an important aggressive Pokémon, and it isn’t a very interesting accomplice, both… However this group of ovoid buddies is intriguing all the identical. Why do all of them have separate feelings? Are they distinctive entities that simply occur to hold round in a pack of 6? Why is that one’s head cracked open? Is the one within the center the chief? So many questions. So many eggs.

Billy Hatcher’s Huge Egg

From: Billy Hatcher and the Large Egg

As the one sport on this record that really contains “egg” within the title, Billy Hatcher’s debut outing needed to be on right here. One of many earlier video games that Yuji Naka labored on, Billy Hatcher allow you to play the titular chicken-boy whose powers may very well be woke up with eggs. You develop the eggs Katamari-style, making an attempt to keep away from something that may injury it, till it hatches — however the Large Egg of the title is a particular case, which might grant needs. Our solely want is for an egg sarnie.


Dr Eggman

From: Sonic the Hedgehog

Are you able to think about being so rotund that you just earn the nickname “Eggman”, after which everybody calls you that to the purpose the place not solely do they overlook that your identify is Dr Robotnik, however you find yourself calling your self Eggman? Kudos to Eggman for being so chill about what’s a really imply moniker, and likewise for his spectacular physique. Sonic’s rival is what a villain ought to be: Bonkers, ingenious, and by some means all the time prepared and prepared to strive enacting his bafflingly maniacal plans with out having ready for them to be foiled by the identical speedy hedgehog.

Chao Egg

From: Sonic Journey

What’s an egg when it’s not a person? It’s, within the case of Sonic, a Chao Egg: The egg from which a Chao, Sonic’s occasional pets, hatches. Granted, the Chao itself is best than the Chao Egg, however this egg holds prospects and potential, because the Chao Backyard permits you to breed your individual. Will this Chao be higher at swimming? Will or not it’s extra-evil? You simply will not know till it hatches!

Leon’s Eggs

From: Resident Evil 4

Whenever you’re working from a zombie horde a bunch of Spanish lads contaminated with Las Plagas, you are most likely considering one factor: Boy, I may actually do with a useful supply of protein proper now. Enter the common-or-garden egg. Discovered on the corpses of all of the random snakes you discover across the place, and even the occasional rooster, these eggs will be the one factor between Leon and an premature dying. You’ll be able to even throw them to briefly stun enemies! What cannot they do?

The Wind Fish Egg

From: Hyperlink’s Awakening

Simply the most important egg on this record, the long-lasting noticed Wind Fish egg from Hyperlink’s Awakening informs the complete plot of the sport. Contained in the egg shouldn’t be a creature — it is a whole dungeon, stuffed with shadow monsters, and when you beat all of them… effectively, that will be a spoiler. The egg is stuffed with spoilers. That is not necessary, actually: What’s necessary is that the egg is a really good and really huge egg. Good egg.

Kazooie’s Eggs

From: Banjo-Kazooie

Banjo is a bear, and Kazooie is a fowl. Bears haven’t any particular talents, however birds can lay eggs — and Kazooie’s eggs are an important ranged weapon towards enemies. Ought to we be nervous about how briskly we’re asking Kazooie to crank these out, or that she shoots them out of her… mouth? Or that the sound she makes whereas doing it appears like retching? We strive not to consider it an excessive amount of.

The Minecraft Egg

From: Minecraft

One of the best ways to get chickens in Minecraft is to hatch them your self. How do you usually hatch eggs? With an incubator and loads of endurance, in fact — until you are in Minecraft, by which case the reply is “throw them, clearly”. It may very well be argued that the best Minecraft egg is definitely the Ender Dragon Egg — it is uncommon, it is unmoveable, and it is the image of one of many hardest achievements within the sport — however generally it is the straightforward issues that deserve recognition.

Eggert Benedict

From: The Nice Ace Legal professional Chronicles

Mr Benedict shouldn’t be precisely a pleasant individual, however this wealthy top-hatted lad is a key witness in one of the thrilling circumstances of The Nice Ace Legal professional Chronicles, with a title befitting of a collection that loves its bizarre pun names. We cannot say far more than that, as a result of spoilers. However god, the bravery you could require to exit into the world with a reputation like Eggert Benedict.

Cease ‘n’ Swop Eggs

From: Banjo-Kazooie

An Easter Egg that is additionally an egg! Or, extra exactly, six eggs! These secret eggs had been initially meant as a reward for gamers who owned each Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, so long as they had been capable of swap between the 2 cartridges (a method referred to as Cease ‘n’ Swop) — however {hardware} adjustments made this inconceivable, and thus the eggs handed into legend. You’ll be able to truly get these eggs by utilizing cheats, however they do not do a lot.

You will have seen a specific egg (or slightly, assortment of eggs) did not fairly make the record. That is as a result of nobody likes them.

All different eggs are preferable. We love you, egg!

What are your favorite eggs in video games? Do you even have one? In fact you do. Tell us within the feedback!

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