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Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition Review (Switch eShop)


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Captured on Nintendo Swap (Docked)

Cyberpunk is an inherently old school style. Its iconic works draw on futuristic concepts which have both turn out to be unremarkable, like important spheres of life primarily based on tech owned by megalomaniacal companies, or been outmoded, like an obsession with cybernetic enhancements as an alternative of codified social standing. Video video games, although, are someplace these ideas have performed out vividly. So an old school online game a couple of cyberpunk traditional is one thing that is sensible.

In its personal little approach, Blade Runner: Enhanced Version is a wonderfully genuine nugget of the style. Nonetheless, on this cyberpunk story, we gamers are the neon-mohawked, robot-armed gutter-sludge gang-grunts trampled down by the money-sucking Massive Enterprise Corp (right here performed by Nightdive Studios), and Blade Runner: Enhanced Version is without doubt one of the pellets of barely dietary crud mentioned Corp scatters into the storm drains for us to remain simply alive sufficient that we might be leeched of blood to lubricate the cyborgs that drive the pellet-scattering hover vehicles. It’s kippleware – software program detritus that has come about spontaneously within the present epidemic of remake/remaster/rerelease/re-profit.

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Captured on Nintendo Swap (Handheld/Undocked)

If that sounds sort of nice, then you definitely should be a real cyberpunk dreamer who revels within the nihilism of techno-commercial dystopia – who places the ‘punk’ into cyberpunk. Lap up your kippleware as a result of that is nearly as good because it will get – however any worth available within the Swap model of Blade Runner: Enhanced Version comes from one in all two sources: the underlying high quality of the unique recreation (which is already doubtful) or masochistic delectation within the sheer cash-grabbing brazenness of this inferior launch.

Blade Runner initially got here to PC in 1997, from Westwood Studios, amidst the big success of the Command & Conquer collection of real-time technique video games. They introduced a few of that have with them, casting Blade Runner as a “real-time” journey, the place the sport world would progress independently of participant actions. Blade Runner shared again, too, with its voxel-style method to 3D characters carried over to later C&C entries. There was a number of speak about these gimmicks on the time and, though they transpired to be extra model than substance, their inherent shortcomings sit slightly otherwise when thought-about in the present day, and curiosity in regards to the unique recreation shall be rewarded with a singular retro-future vibe.

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Captured on Nintendo Swap (Docked)

It’s the vibe, the model, that pervades every part else on this recreation. The cutscenes are well-rendered and animated to CD-ROM-boom requirements, recreating places and know-how from the 1982 movie. Protagonist Ray McCoy’s condominium intently resembles the one Harrison Ford sat in as fellow blade runner Rick Deckard, and you may zoom and improve pictures in your couch identical to Deckard does within the movie. Elsewhere, there’s a movie-authentic Voigt-Kampff machine, which you should use to grill topics and uncover and get rid of replicants, the androids it’s your job to “retire”. The soundscapes all through are luxurious, with music matching the film’s temper, and street-bustle and machine-hum laying a basis for incidental results situated across the scene via the stereo channels.

The plot tracks intently alongside the movie, with replicants on the run, visits to the ominous Tyrell Company, plodding neon-dripped alleys, and getting chewed out by the division chief. There’s point-and-click gun motion (all transferring the cursor with the thumb stick), but it surely’s primarily detective work, interviewing witnesses, accumulating and analysing proof, and watching the plot thicken.

As with every graphic journey of the period, there are moments of pixel searching and “try-everything-with-everything” puzzle-solving. The “real-time” thought tends to frustrate right here. If scenes are altering with out participant enter, then you’ll be able to’t attempt every part with out then having to attempt it once more in case you missed a key occasion. “Exhaust all choices” isn’t a lot enjoyable at the very best of instances, however when you’ll be able to’t delimit all of the choices it’s painful.

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Captured on Nintendo Swap (Handheld/Undocked)

Wanting again on this 1997 work, a number of the issues are palatable. The trouble of untangling real-time choices might be shortened with a walkthrough (though the Enhanced Version neglects so as to add any sort of hints to the sport itself), whereas the odd mingling of low-res voxel character fashions and high-fidelity pre-rendered backgrounds is much less uneven when the requirements of “high-fidelity” have modified and all of it appears a bit janky a method or one other. In brief, it’s a recreation properly price revisiting.

Thus far, although, we’ve been speaking in regards to the components of the unique Blade Runner which have remained principally intact in Nightdive’s Enhanced Version on Swap. Sadly, aside from some improved body charges, this Enhanced Version is worse than the unique – worse in methods you wouldn’t imagine doable. Really proficient imaginations have clearly been utilized to invent methods to spoil elements of the sport that you’d have thought had been out of attain.

The backgrounds have been smudged a couple of bit as a nod in the direction of upscaling. Nightdive apparently didn’t have entry to the supply belongings for the pre-rendered backgrounds, or they might have been remastered crisply at larger resolutions. As an alternative, they’re smoothed in a approach that diminishes element. With the Swap docked, that is bearable, since some crunchy artefacts like heavy dithering are nonetheless very seen on a giant display, which lets the low-res character fashions sit rather less jarringly towards the backgrounds. Nonetheless, handheld, these spiky voxels jag out so harshly throughout the backdrop sludge that you just simply want Nightdive had left all of it a bit boxier – because it was.

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition Review - Screenshot 5 of 5
Captured on Nintendo Swap (Handheld/Undocked)

The taking pictures mechanic was all the time oddly interleaved with the remainder of the sport, as had been ammo and cash administration. Nonetheless, it’s all a lot worse for having no directions in any respect and fully unreliable controls. The identical goes for the Voigt-Kampff machine, which has zero clarification and a management panel confused by the general inconstancy of interfaces on this new version.

Lastly, and most egregiously by a thousand miles, Nightdive has revised the menus and the “KIA” interface utilized by McCoy to handle and interrogate his assortment of proof. As an alternative of letting the participant manipulate the unique interface – which continues to be displayed on the display! – you’re compelled to make use of an absurdly convoluted array of context-dependent controller mappings to govern a crude PowerPoint mock-up of a textual content interface that’s simply overlaid on the unique graphics. It is a core a part of the sport and an enormous contributor to the sensation of enjoying detective and fixing a case. Within the Enhanced Version (“Enhanced”! The gall!), it’s one thing you simply don’t ever need to see – however you will as a result of McCoy will often stroll in entrance of your cursor and trigger you to open it in error.


Many will see the rating on the backside of this overview and instantly write off Blade Runner: Enhanced Version. Nonetheless, there’s something genuinely good buried deep inside this Swap launch, beneath the lingering points with pacing and narrative design in addition to the myriad painful “enhancements” Nightdive Studios has dumped on prime. To chop via all that, you’ll need an ideal love for Blade Runner and cyberpunk, saintly endurance, a walkthrough available, a strict requirement to play on console somewhat than PC, and a pair of rose-tinted glasses. When you have all these issues then you should still see life on this recreation’s eyes, however we don’t want a Voigt-Kampff machine to inform this model from the true factor.

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