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Bound By Blades – Beta Sign Up


Sure By Blades is a good looking hand drawn boss-hunting motion RPG journey with a novel real-time fight system that blends techniques with bullet hell.

Drawing inspiration from Monster Hunter, Sure By Blades is an motion RPG journey set in a desolate world that’s been overrun with bloodthirsty beasts. It’s playable in single-player or on-line co-op and sees you travelling by way of the desolate fantasy world of Ashmyr and battling massive boss monsters.

The boss battles in Sure By Blades happen in single-screen arenas the place you possibly can sprint between the 4 corners to dodge assaults. You’re additionally in a position to block, dodge and use quite a lot of fast assaults, robust assaults, combos and combo finishers. If you defeat a boss you’re then in a position to make use of their stays to craft new weapons and kit. Join the Beta to turn into certain by blades!

Sign Up For The Bound By Blades Beta Here (Click on “Request Entry”)

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