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Crime Scene Cleaner – Beta Sign Up


Crime Scene Cleaner is a brand new simulation sport the place you’re a cleaner, employed by the Mafia to take away all traces of any crimes from varied bloody crime scenes.

Bear in mind watching that scene in Pulp Fiction the place Harvey Keitel comes round to wash up after John Travolta by chance shot Marvin within the face? Effectively now you could be a Gangster cleaner like Keitel, as you get despatched to numerous Mafia crime scenes and try to take away all hint of wrongdoings earlier than the police get there!

In Crime Scene Cleaner you’ll need to eliminate our bodies, blood, fingerprints, and anything that would incriminate your employers. To do that you’ll have a choice of helpful tools, equivalent to fingerprint powder, UV lights, thermovision and extremely corrosive acid. As you clear the scenes you’ll be taught extra about what transpired there, however you’d be greatest to maintain these secrets and techniques to your self for those who don’t need to be sleeping with the fishes!

Sign Up For The Crime Scene Cleaner Beta Here (Click on “Request Entry”)

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