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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Review – Required Reading


Closing Fantasy VII is experiencing a wierd id shift. The continuing remake is altering the unique canon in daring methods whereas spin-offs like 2006 PlayStation 2 recreation Dirge of Cerberus are being folded in for bigger roles in the primary story. After which there are new spin-offs, like First Soldier, the web cellular battle royale shutting down early subsequent yr, and in addition plans for an additional remake known as Ever Disaster, a cellular recreation that may reexamine Closing Fantasy VII’s timeline. With all that swirling across the Lifestream, Disaster Core: Closing Fantasy VII Reunion emerges as a surprisingly trustworthy remake of the 2007 PSP recreation that neatly focuses its modifications on gameplay whereas maintaining the story intact – warts and all.

Disaster Core takes place earlier than the occasions of Closing Fantasy VII and follows the story of 1st Class Soldier Zack Honest. For individuals who entered Midgard for the primary time with Closing Fantasy VII Remake, Zack’s story is an important aspect of the Cloud and Sephiroth relationship, and taking part in Disaster Core each illuminates and shrouds Zack’s shocking cameo on the finish of Remake. As somebody whose important interplay with the universe of Closing Fantasy VII was with Remake, I’m grateful to be taught who Zack is and his complete deal forward of future entries.

Studying that story, nonetheless, is usually a chore. Disaster Core has a unbelievable ending that leads into Closing Fantasy VII in an exciting manner, however the journey to get to that closing cutscene, maybe unsurprisingly, seems like a recreation from 2007. The up to date voice performances are good, however the presentation is stilted and sluggish. I discovered myself wishing I might watch cutscenes at double velocity as characters awkwardly shifted into totally different animations throughout grueling pauses in dialogue. The cadence of conversations is tough, however the brand new visuals are nice and almost deliver it as much as the standard of Remake.

That troublesome cadence extends to the general tempo as cutscenes usually really feel interrupted by fast fight eventualities, or a sequence of fight eventualities really feel interrupted by a slow-as-molasses cutscene. Neither appropriately leads into the opposite, giving the entire recreation a start-and-stop feeling.

The star of Reunion is these fight eventualities, nonetheless, which have neatly acquired essentially the most consideration. Hitting monsters together with your sword, executing magic assaults, and calling in particular talents is flashy and clean. It lacks the spectacular versatility and variety of the wonderful fight of Remake, nevertheless it seems shut sufficient that you simply may assume they’re comparable at a look.


The Digital Thoughts Wave (DMW) is Disaster Core’s important distinguishing characteristic that randomly rewards you with highly effective assaults or non permanent upgrades based mostly on a slot machine always working within the nook of the display screen that includes characters you’ve met through the story. The good thing about the DMW is typically you get entry to highly effective assaults while you want them most. The draw back is it’s fully random, so there is no such thing as a manner to make use of it tactically. On the events once I was combating a boss or highly effective enemy, I might simply replay the struggle till I used to be randomly rewarded the chance to summon the hearth demon Ifrit, or a comparable assault, which isn’t a satisfying technique to deal with an encounter.

For the continuing Closing Fantasy VII re-examination, which Sq. Enix has formally dubbed the Compilation of Closing Fantasy VII, Disaster Core seems like required studying. Its place within the bigger story is essential and can doubtless develop in significance shifting ahead, however making your manner by way of these story moments generally seems like a faculty task. Reunion is a well-executed remake of the 2007 recreation that delivers enjoyable fight alongside a stilted story with an fascinating and narratively essential closing act. Should you plan on beginning or persevering with the Closing Fantasy VII Remake journey, ensure that to do your homework.

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