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Defend The Rook Is A Roguelike Tower Defense That Takes Its Moves From Chess


Chess is the worst board recreation. It does not have cute participant tokens like Monopoly, it does not have enjoyable shifting elements like Mouse Entice, and in case you take chess to a cool get together, everybody will name you a nerd and a dork after which they are going to play Dixit with out you.

The one advantage of chess is when individuals reinvent it to make it higher, like in Defend The Rook, a roguelike tactical tower protection recreation with story and characters and magic.

Set on a chess board, Defend The Rook is all about defending the Rook “in any respect prices” — it is the tower within the tower protection — and you’ll solid spells, place traps, and lay down boundaries to cease the invading forces from destroying the Rook, which represents the realm’s life essence.

Defend The Rook will come to the Nintendo eShop on April 14th.

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