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Draw Stage シロペンロード – Game Jam Build


Draw Stage シロペンロード is an ingenious little puzzle platformer the place you possibly can construct platforms by drawing them with the mouse.

In every stage of Draw Stage シロペンロード your goal is to unlock and attain the exit (and acquire optionally available cash alongside the way in which). The degrees initially appear not possible, however you possibly can bodily draw objects and platforms into them to permit your character to progress. Your buildings are affected by gravity although and you’ll’t delete them as soon as they’ve been constructed so you should think twice about the place you place them.

Having the ability to attract elements of a stage are nothing new, however what’s spectacular about Draw Stage シロペンロード is the creativity of the extent design. It’s quite a bit more durable than it initially seems, particularly when new restrictions on the place you possibly can draw and the place your platforms can contact are launched. It makes for a really addictive and mind teasing puzzle platformer that requires you to suppose exterior of the field. Extremely advisable.

Play Draw Stage シロペンロード Here (Browser)

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