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Dying Light 2 Preview – Seven Big Takeaways After Playing For Four Hours


In my preliminary preview of Dying Gentle 2 from E3 2019, I gave my write-up the headline of “Alternative and Consequence is Every thing.” That notion was additional confirmed by my first hands-on session with the sport final week. All through the story content material, I not solely determined with whom I wished to align myself but additionally which advantages I wished to confer upon the town. Whereas I did not have an effect on the town within the sweeping form of methods I witnessed in that 2019 demo, during which a completely new space was made accessible and a brand new zombie kind emerged from a newly uncovered lakebed, my character had a refreshing quantity of say in the best way each the story and metropolis progress.

Based on Smektała, this was a directive delivered straight from artistic director Adrian Ciszewski because the staff started work on Dying Gentle 2. Ciszewski, who additionally served as a director on the unique Dying Gentle, famous that the sport delivered gamers the instruments and strikes to method in-game obstacles how they need utilizing the parkour and fight mechanics. Nonetheless, as soon as gamers began interacting with the story, it was scripted and inflexible, not permitting gamers to make a lot impression on how issues really performed out.

“Our purpose for the second recreation is to attempt to give gamers the identical quantity of freedom within the story that they’ve within the gameplay,” Smektała says. “After all, it is a totally different beast with the narrative; you might be at all times restricted to branching narratives, however we took on that problem, and we actually tried arduous to do this. I feel we have now achieved that, and we did slightly bit extra than simply branching narratives.”

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

To realize this, Techland instilled alternative and consequence that work on three ranges. The primary stage, based on Smektała, consists of all the most important selections you make in the primary story. These selections have an effect on the world, metropolis, and characters, altering the very course of the narrative. I do not need to spoil something for the primary story, however I witnessed this firsthand as I adopted one questline by all the best way to the top, opting to facet fully with one of many important characters I encountered, bringing their arc to what looks like a satisfying conclusion.

The second stage stems from the facet content material, the place you make selections with characters and you’ll later discover one thing associated to that alternative sooner or later; Smektała offers the instance of an opera singer you possibly can select to assist, and for those who do, she’ll seem in one in every of The Metropolis’s hubs, singing arias. 

The ultimate layer of selections comes into play with the town alignment mechanics. Primarily based on the alternatives you make, you align your pursuits with these of one of many factions that inhabit The Metropolis. The 2 factions prominently featured in my demo had been the Survivors, a bunch of characters simply making an attempt to rebuild civilization, and the Peacekeepers, a well-armed militia that makes use of blunt drive over technique. In my playthrough, I sided with the Survivors, which modified the alignment of that district to present them extra management. In doing so, I opened up extra ziplines all through that space of The Metropolis, giving me extra traversal choices for once I do not feel like descending into the zombie-infested streets. Had I sided with the Peacekeepers, I’d have unlocked automotive traps for serving to to manage the hordes, a much less elegant resolution than the ziplines, however nonetheless helpful. 

Based on Techland, gamers might want to weigh the advantages in every district as they make their selections. There are seven zones during which you can also make these selections, and there are seven ranges of various rewards for every faction. As you proceed to align with one, you possibly can unlock extra advantages with them, whereas making selections to align with the opposite will unlock advantages for that faction. The result’s a metropolis that’s reactive to your varied selections, even if you’re appearing exterior of the primary narrative.

After all, most of the most satisfying selections in any recreation is in the way you develop your character. Whereas I am unable to say an excessive amount of in regards to the talent tree, Dying Gentle 2 offers you a number of talent bushes to develop primarily based on the play fashion you need to use. As well as, you possibly can collect a form of collectible by exploration that lets you improve both your well being or stamina.

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