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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Review (Switch eShop)


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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, a religious successor to the legendary Suikoden collection of Japanese role-playing video games, blew previous its funding targets on Kickstarter two years in the past, elevating a whopping 4.5 million USD and shattering all its stretch targets within the course of. It’s protected to say that many have a powerful urge for food for the sort of sport director Yoshitaka Murayama creates, which made it all of the extra bothersome when Hundred Heroes, like many crowdfunded tasks earlier than it, was delayed – this time till 2023.

Enter Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, a by-product/prequel that guarantees to tide us over till the primary course (though there are query marks over whether or not it is going to make it to Change in any respect). Nevertheless, for those who’re searching for a JRPG, look elsewhere; Rising trades Hundred Heroes’ turn-based battles for a side-scrolling motion journey steeped in town-building mechanics with a bit Metrodvania thrown in for good measure.

Eiyuden Chonicle: Rising stars a trio: CJ, a naive treasure-hunter on a coming-of-age quest, Garoo, a grizzled kangaroo-man mercenary (sure, actually – he has a pouch by which he shops his huge sword), and Isha, a teenage lady with magical powers thrust into mayorship over the city of New Nevaeh. What begins as a treasure hunt shortly turns into one thing far more mysterious as these three uncover the secrets and techniques of the Runebarrows, a fancy of ruins beneath New Nevaeh crammed with untold riches and various monsters.

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To discover the Runebarrows, and some different harmful locales, you’ll management the trio on a very two-dimensional airplane. Switching between every character occurs with the press of a single button. CJ assaults with quick axes. Garoo swings a sluggish, huge sword. And Isha fires off magical projectiles from a distance. Individually, every character feels underwhelming, however by switching characters mid-combo you’ll be able to hyperlink their assaults collectively to rack up huge injury.

It’s a easy system that doesn’t present a lot depth till many hours in. You see, Rising can also be a town-building sport, that means CJ takes on quests from New Nevaeh’s residents to construct up the smithy, the armoury, the tavern, the apothecary, the farm, and extra. Upgrading these buildings in flip improves skills and introduces new objects. CJ’s sprint extends in distance and her fundamental assault beneficial properties further hits. Garoo learns a charged soar, and Isha’s teleport talent lasts longer, and so forth.

We discovered it satisfying to construct up the trio’s repertoire, but two irritating points with this gameplay loop shortly reared their ugly heads. First, serving to residents quantities to very simple and tedious fetch quests. For instance, Hogan the alligator-man requested us to seek out the tavern proprietor as she hadn’t picked up her order from his store but. So we hopped on over to the tavern, spoke to the proprietor, after which hustled again to Hogan for our reward – and that was it. That was the whole quest, and few of them are extra concerned than this. Go into the forest to seek out three items of sunshine lumber to improve this store right here, discover some snow pelts to unlock extra bonuses for the inn over there.

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This by no means ends. We dreaded getting back from a main-story quest as a result of every time a horde of egregiously boring aspect quests popped up, but the promise of drugs upgrades compelled us to just accept them. This dispelled any satisfaction we would have had watching New Nevaeh develop from a city ruined by an earthquake right into a bustling hub of adventurers – and that is with out mentioning that we had no say in how New Nevaeh grew. Very similar to the aspect quests, there isn’t any nuance or alternative concerned; New Nevaeh merely builds itself. Some significant decision-making – whether or not to improve the farm or the inn with scarce assets, for instance – would have added some a lot wanted depth.

The second challenge stems from how lengthy Rising takes to get going. Numerous time passes earlier than CJ and associates unlock sufficient strategies to make fight really partaking. It took about 4 hours of play earlier than CJ may goal monsters above her with an upward assault, and about six hours earlier than we may discover a dungeon with out interruption for greater than quarter-hour. Very often, one thing blocked progress – say, an elemental barrier – that means a trek again to city, a chat with a handful of the colorful solid, after which all the way in which again to the dungeon to smash by means of the barrier with the best aspect outfitted. Not lengthy after this might occur once more, dragging the start hours of the sport to a crawl. Plentiful fast-travel factors helped alleviate the irritating backtracking solely a lot.

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Captured on Nintendo Change (Handheld/Undocked)

And that is the place Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising rewards these with saintly ranges of endurance. After round seven or eight hours, the sport loosened up. Whereas the fetch quests by no means stopped, the fight developed right into a satisfying mixture of chain assaults and dodging. Gentle platforming with minor Metroidvania-esque mechanics inspired us to discover additional for uncommon assets. And the story shocked us with just a few intelligent twists and a few endearing – if slightly tacky – characters. We problem you to not develop keen on them by the point the credit roll about 14 hours in. We’re genuinely to see how the story progresses in Hundred Heroes and the place our handful of heroes wind up.

It’s a blessing that, with a lot trekking from New Naeveh to the Runebarrows and again once more (after which once more to catch a fish for a snarky child), Rising shines aesthetically. Some vibrant backdrops body our pixel heroes, not not like the fashion seen in Octopath Traveller and Triangle Technique. Our Change OLED turned our most popular technique to play as the colourful display screen actually allowed the sport’s colors to pop. And the soundtrack had sufficient catchy tunes – significantly on the town – that set the temper properly. We discovered ourselves buzzing them once we took a break from being requested to discover a cat someplace inside New Nevaeh for the third time.


Do you get pleasure from ready for public transit within the rain? May you bear sitting subsequent to a screaming toddler on a transatlantic flight? Do you suppose you’d derive pleasure from chopping down bushes within the Nice Forest again and again till you had sufficient gentle lumber to fulfil three or 4 requests? In that case, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising has a pleasant little journey hidden beneath loads of tedium only for you. If not, we wouldn’t begrudge you for staying clear and hoping Hundred Heroes doesn’t observe too intently in its predecessor’s footsteps. This sport definitely has attraction, but it surely makes you’re employed too onerous for it.

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