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Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights Review – Slaying In The Rain


Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights ticks all of the containers of a decent Metroidvania. It delivers a colossal labyrinth that’s enjoyable to discover, and you discover cool new skills to open inaccessible areas all whereas leveling up and enhancing your character with powers and tools. I’m a sucker for the style, in order that naked minimal is normally sufficient to get me on board irrespective of what number of video games enter the house. However as I traversed Ender Lilies’ fantastically realized gothic kingdom, I discovered its difficult but entertaining fight and myriad secrets and techniques helped set it a minimize above a number of of its contemporaries. Ender Lilies doubtless gained’t rope in anybody burned out on this type of recreation, however these trying to scratch that acquainted itch will discover lots to like right here.  

Lily is a younger priestess who awakens to seek out her residence of Land’s Finish in absolute destroy. A bathe referred to as the “Rain of Dying” has not solely devastated the land, nevertheless it has additionally reworked its residents into undead abominations referred to as the Blighted. Lily alone possesses the facility to cleanse the of this illness, however she isn’t a skilled fighter. Enter the Umbral Knight, an immortal protector who serves as Lily’s sword and information.

At any time when Lilly assaults, she summons the Knight, who eviscerates foes with easy but satisfying hack n’ slash strikes that may be upgraded to hit tougher and carry out longer combos. These assaults look slick, and watching the Knight deal with the soiled work whereas Lily sheepishly cowers within the background is an endearing bonus. Lily’s roster of guardian spirits grows as she seeks out different cursed souls and engages them in thrilling, white-knuckle boss battles. After defeating these monsters, Lily features very important skills used to entry new areas of the map. These powers are nothing new if you happen to’ve performed sufficient of these kind of video games. Count on a double-jump, velocity sprint, and wall soar, for instance. However I used to be all the time excited to realize extra mobility and unlock entry to a brand new space, thanks partly to the plethora of enjoyable non-compulsory minibosses hiding inside every zone. 

Smaller foes – from disease-ridden mages to undead paladins – could also be weaker than the vital path bosses, however defeating these enemies typically rewards Lily with highly effective new assaults that may flip the tide in your favor. I really like conjuring a robust whirlwind to blow again enemies or summoning a fireball-shooting fowl for a helpful help. These powers are invaluable as a result of Ender Lilies is not any joke within the issue division. Although the problem is extra entertaining than oppressive, the sport calls for an above-average degree of finesse as even probably the most fundamental enemies can shortly annihilate lackadaisical gamers, and also you’ll quickly study that you just’re higher off when you might have extra powers at your disposal. Some skills are merely higher tailor-made for sure enemies. For instance, I discovered suffocating sluggish foes with a poisonous cloud earlier than they may attain me an important tactic.

Though you may beat any foe utilizing any of your assaults, Ender Lilies rewards gamers who experiment with loadouts, and I loved testing completely different methods and reaping the outcomes. Combining assaults works nicely too. It feels slick summoning a brute to launch foes skyward along with his highly effective downward strike, then impaling them in midair with a volley of arrows courtesy of a fallen archer. You possibly can solely equip a restricted variety of skills and tools, nevertheless, and it’s mildly annoying you can solely edit your loadout in save rooms. The joy of gaining a brand new energy diminishes when it’s a must to drop all the things to trek again to the closest checkpoint. Regardless of this, buying as many instruments in my belt as attainable turned a highly effective motivator to go looking room after terror-filled room.  

The map is a big community of rooms that had me gleefully rubbing my arms in anticipation for every new expedition. Ender Lilies is split into beautiful, visually distinct biomes, from an underground laboratory run by mages to a fairytale-like forest. I had enjoyable exploring most of those areas, save for one poison-filled swamp that was extra stress-inducing than entertaining. A unbelievable musical piece for every space additional units them aside; I seemed ahead to revisiting a number of zones simply to listen to my favourite songs once more. 

Clearing a map of its secrets and techniques is without doubt one of the most interesting components of the style, and Ender Lilies litters its areas with attractive treasures to uncover. I used to be engrossed with discovering worthwhile upgrades akin to additional weapons slots, everlasting well being boosts, and blessings that improved the efficiency of my therapeutic potential. Rooms additionally cover genuinely fascinating notes and diary entries that flesh out the world whereas detailing the person tragedies of its ill-fated occupants. Better of all, Ender Lilies’ color-coded map clearly communicates while you’ve emptied a room of its goodies, so precisely when to maneuver on. That mentioned, some objects are a little bit too hidden and require an annoying diploma of tiptoeing to see that faint white glow over a spot you walked over quite a few instances earlier than. 

Ender Lilies doesn’t revolutionize Metroid’s decades-old template, however that’s okay. It’s a well-made expertise, and I had a good time pouring over two dozen hours into this journey. The presentation rocks, the motion is extra rewarding than punishing, and its gothic world and lore are alluring. Ender Lilies is a superb meat and potatoes expertise, demonstrating that merely executing a well-known components at a excessive degree might be simply as welcomed as reinventing the wheel.

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