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Endless Dungeon Preview – A Promising Twin-Stick Tower Defense Roguelite


Limitless Dungeon, the successor to 2014’s Dungeon of The Limitless, is a tower protection twin-stick shooter created by French developer Amplitude Studios; and after my hands-on session at Gamescom 2022, it has the potential to be the following massive roguelite. 

Curiously, this upcoming roguelite is extra a reimagining than a sequel. As an alternative of the point-and-click navigation and automatic fight featured within the first sport, gamers now immediately management characters and weapons in actual time. Limitless Dungeon reimagines its predecessor’s pixel artwork dungeons into bigger, gorgeously-lit 3D areas. Additionally, as much as three mates can play cooperatively. 

You play as members of a shipwrecked crew, every representing a western cowboy trope, stranded on a mysterious house station. However not like the opposite poor souls trapped amidst the celebs, your squad may need an opportunity to flee. To take action, you’ll must struggle your manner deeper into the terminal. 

Limitless Dungeon is as a lot a twin-stick shooter as it’s a dungeon crawler and tower protection sport. Each dungeon begins in a closed-off secure room with a crystal within the middle. It’s essential to defend the crystal in any respect prices as a result of if it breaks, you die. Your purpose is to escort the crystal to an undisclosed exit someplace throughout the zone. You don’t know what number of doorways are between you and the exit, so that you higher get to opening them. 

However what lies past every door is a complete thriller – it could possibly be new weapons, devices, or probably a nest or swarm of enemies. The crystal can not comply with you, so you need to concurrently defend it whereas exploring new areas. One of the simplest ways to guard the crystal is to construct turrets. 


Development nodes line each room, and you may place many turret varieties on high. Some modules produce a slowing area, others defend every part of their respective space, and probably the most fundamental ones mechanically shoot enemies. It could be apparent, however the problem comes from a restricted pool of assets, requiring gamers to put turrets the place they provide probably the most utility. Yow will discover extra assets by exploring rooms or constructing extractors in distinctive areas, however every extractor can solely produce one sort at a time. After all, every part you construct is vulnerable to assault from hostile robots, aliens, and different enemies.

When you uncover the exit, the crystal will start its journey throughout the station. However the crystal uninstalls itself from the system to maneuver, triggering waves of enemies to spawn and hunt it down. Your job is to guard it, in fact. 


Each character in Limitless Dungeon possesses distinctive passive and lively skills. Bunker, a robotic sheriff, stands in the way in which of enemy fireplace with its large defend, Blaze is an explosives-toating zoner, and the newly-revealed Shroom carries potent therapeutic elixirs to buff the workforce. You’ll be able to swap between characters on a whim and order social gathering members to remain or comply with. Once more, Limitless Dungeon will supply multiplayer assist at launch, so as much as three gamers can every decide their favourite character. 

I’ve performed many glorious video games at Gamescom this week, however Limitless Dungeon could be my favourite. Its twin-stick gunplay is polished, and its tower protection parts pair nicely with dungeon-crawling exploration to create tense situations. I see myself sinking dozens of hours into the ultimate launch – each time which may be. 

However the studio solely just lately “discovered the enjoyable,” a phrase usually used to indicate a profitable prototype design. Earlier than that, the workforce was pulling their hair out in frustration. 

“Up till two months in the past, I’ve to confess, Limitless Dungeon was not that enjoyable,” says Inventive Director Jean-Maxime Moris. “We had been a bit cautious of straying too distant from the unique.”

It wasn’t till roughly six months in the past that the workforce determined to regulate characters and weapons in real-time. Moris continues, “Once we launched real-time, that made it, so that you had been in your toes the entire time. And even when you must traverse your complete stage, it would not really feel that lengthy since you’re at all times searching for hazard.” 

“We got here to a spot only a few weeks in the past, the place now I can play the sport. And this was my imaginative and prescient for the sport: when you get good at it, you rigorously place your turrets and improve them once they should be repaired. I take nice pleasure in not having to fireside a single bullet, simply watching the carnage unfold and going by the extent whereas watching the turrets do their jobs.”

Now that Amplitude has established a core gameplay loop, the studio focuses every day on stage designs to range the sport’s tempo and quantity of problem. The mission doesn’t at the moment have a launch window, however Limitless Dungeon could possibly be a breakout hit if it continues alongside the identical trajectory.

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