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Everything You Might Have Missed In The New Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Trailer


So… How about that new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer, eh? Plenty of new info was secreted away inside that three-minute lengthy peek on the upcoming recreation, and we’ll attempt to dig all of it up. Include us on a journey by way of Pokétime and Pokéspace…

Confirmed Particulars

Puns, puns in every single place


It is a Pokémon recreation. In fact there will likely be puns, wordplay, and little references within the names. Listed below are simply a number of the ones we bought within the new trailer:

  • Lechonk
    • A Pokémon primarily based on the Iberian pig, which is a black pig used to make jamón ibérico, the well-known (and scrumptious) Iberian ham. “Lechón” is the Spanish phrase for a suckling pig. “Chonk” is… a meme phrase used to explain chunky animals.
  • Smoliv
    • Olives are a standard Mediterranean meals and export, and this grass-type Pokémon is small (or “smol”), so… Smoliv.
  • Miraidon & Koraidon
    • The 2 legendaries come from the Japanese phrases for “future” and “historic” respectively, mirroring the general previous/future theme of the 2 video games. There may also be extra to this theming, if you happen to learn on…
  • Professors Tura and Sada
    • The Spanish for future is “futura” and the female model of the Spanish for previous is “pasada“.
  • Pawmi
    • Technology IX has its Pikachu-style electrical mouse, and his title is Pawmi. This is perhaps a mixture of paw and ami(go)? We’re not 100% positive.

Bike theming

Legendary (1)

Do you know that Spain is de facto into motorbikes? We didn’t. However motorbikes, and motocross (off-road motorbike racing) are each huge themes on this new area, maybe like soccer was in Galar. Here is the proof:

The legendaries

Koraidon and Miraidon are each bike-shaped, and even have wheels. They’ve additionally bought “ride-on” of their names, their backs look suspiciously like seats, and their shoulders appear to be handlebars, so they may be capable of flip into bikes, Transformer-style.

Not less than one health club seems like a motocross monitor

We’ll should take this individual’s phrase for it, however the bottom-right picture right here is outwardly much like a motocross monitor — like Excitebike, however muddier.

The Pokémon Facilities appear to be petrol stations

We checked, and apparently petrol stations in Spain look just about precisely like those within the UK and US, so we’re keen to simply accept that the unusual out of doors Poké Facilities are modelled after them.

Non-linear exploration

The newly-published Pokémon web site has this to say:

You’ll be able to expertise a brand new model of journey, with a world that you just’re free to discover at your leisure and never in an order dictated by the story. You’ll, after all, journey to hone your expertise as a Pokémon Coach, however many extra discoveries and tales await you. Meet quite a lot of folks and Pokémon, and journey on the planet of Pokémon the way in which you need to.

You hear that? That is non-linear gameplay, child! We’ll look extra into what meaning in a bit.

The… outfits?


Some persons are extra within the trend of the Pokémon video games than the rest, and people folks embrace this author. The characters appear to be largely dressed at school outfits, however their hats, hairstyles, baggage, and glasses change. Additionally typically they put on shorts, and typically they put on trousers.

So, there’ll in all probability be a component of trend, like in Sword & Protect… however we’re intrigued about the way it’ll work together with the uniforms.

Precisely sized Pokémon

Have a look at these Flabébés! They’re tiny!!! 10cm, to be precise! And it seems like they’re going to be roughly size-accurate. Does this imply that we’ll be seeing large Pokémon, too? Exhausting to say, however we hope so.


Yep! From the web site:

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet permit multiplayer gameplay with as much as 4 gamers.​ Together with collection staples, similar to buying and selling and battling Pokémon, it is possible for you to to discover the varied areas of the area in these video games with different gamers. You’ll be able to uncover new Pokémon and discover unfamiliar areas along with your family and friends, opening the door to an journey extra valuable and enjoyable than ever!

First open-world Pokémon recreation

Double yep! From the web site:

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet are the primary open-world RPGs within the Pokémon collection.

Previous vs Future

It seems like Scarlet & Violet will likely be primarily based on the previous and the longer term, though it is not likely clear what that means. Learn extra about it right here:

New UI

We love an improve to the interface, and this one seems good and minimalist:


Toby Fox is again, child

Toby Fox has introduced that he is doing music for the video games once more, however this time he is the composer for the sector theme, saying “this time, my music just isn’t non-compulsory!”

Enter The Hypothesis Zone

A 3rd legendary?

Proper on the finish of the trailer, there is a unusual little bit of footage, which is a form of scaly, form of glass-like, shifting texture… after which an icy Poké Ball flies previous. Might this be a touch at a 3rd legendary?

Dynamic Pokémon levelling

That is completely hypothesis, however… if the Scarlet & Violet world is non-linear and open, does that imply we will count on dynamic levelling, the place wild Pokémon match your talents? This appears unlikely, however what’s extra doubtless is that the gyms dynamically match your individual degree, since it could be actually boring to unintentionally tackle a low-level health club with massively beefy Pokémon.

Regional variants

We’ve not seen any regional variants but, so we will solely speculate. However primarily based on what we all know (Spain! Portugal! Meals!) we will take a number of educated guesses:

  • Tauros, however extra like a toreador
  • Extra Eevee evolutions
  • Snorlax however siesta-themed
  • Exeggcute however a frittata
  • Palossand, however he seems just like the Sagrada Família
  • Oricorio however, like… extra… flamenco
  • A rapier model of Aegislash
  • An evolution of Mudbray known as Donkixote
  • What if Vanillite was sangria as a substitute


There’s gotta be bulls. Bullrings. Bullfighting. and many others. A bull-themed health club? Who is aware of!!

Extra meals

Everybody loves Spanish and Portuguese dishes! Custard tarts! Paella! Tapas! Galar represented the UK with Sinistea and Polteageist, so let’s examine a patatas bravas Pokémon. After which we must always eat it.

What are your predictions and hopes? Inform us within the feedback!

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