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Fortune’s Run – Alpha Demo


Fortune’s Run is an immersive first individual shooter set in a lore-rich industrial Sci-Fi universe the place mankind consumes stars with large Dyson Spheres.

Drawing inspiration from Deus Ex, E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy and Metallic Gear Stable, Fortune’s Run is a retro styled Sci-Fi FPS in a decaying industrial world stuffed with violence, sexual exploitationa nd drug abuse. Within the recreation you tackle the function of an ex-con who completes contracts for purchasers whereas in search of vengeance in opposition to those that have wronged you.

The Fortune’s Run demo incorporates a sizeable chunk of gameplay, with an unlimited labyrinthine degree that’s stuffed with environments that permit for a number of totally different approaches. You run in weapons blazing, however stealth can be typically choice and also you even have a nifty samurai sword that may slice by enemies and deflect bullets.

For the time being there are a couple of points, corresponding to the marginally awkward controls (not having the ability to map the weapon swapping to the mouse-wheel), some moderately convoluted air-vent sections and the truth that it’s important to manually decide up ammo. Apart from that although it’s a really promising recreation that delivers an ideal fusion of stealth, platforming and quick paced run ‘n gun gameplay. Simply make sure you save typically – loss of life comes fast in Fortune’s Run.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Fortune’s Run Alpha Demo Here (Steam)

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