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Frontier Diver: Progenexis – Game Jam Build Download


Frontier Diver: Progenexis is a Sega Saturn styled side-scrolling subsea shoot ‘em up the place you management a recon drone that may solely assault enemy bullets, not the enemies themselves.

Created for the HPS1 Summer season of Shivers recreation jam by Modus Interactive (creator of The Snow of Basidia and Frontier Diver), Frontier Diver: Progenexis is a Sega Saturn styled shoot ‘em up spin-off of Frontier Diver. Within the recreation you are taking management of a analysis drone that’s tasked with getting recon data from Earth after it was deserted and overrun by monstrous creatures.

As you’re a recon drone you’re not really capable of shoot the creatures, it’s important to dodge them. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to shoot and destroy the projectiles your enemies hearth at you. You do get as many lives as you want to finish the sport, however you get rated on what number of enemy projectiles you destroy and what number of lives you utilize (so it’s greatest to keep away from dying as a lot as potential!)

Capturing bullets isn’t fairly as satisfying as capturing enemies, but it surely’s a novel idea that does a very good job of shaking up the standard shoot ‘em up gameplay. The retro 32-bit styled aesthetics are wonderful and mixed with the general presentation, you may actually think about the sport taking part in on a Sega Saturn. The motion feels nice, the audio is superb, it’s a tricky recreation (for those who’re making an attempt to reduce your lives misplaced anyway) and the ultimate boss battle is fairly epic. See what oddities you uncover within the deep blue sea.

Download Frontier Diver: Progenexis Here (Home windows, Mac & Linux)

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