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Kimberly May Be My New Main In Street Fighter 6


Tokyo Sport Present supplied a possibility to check out the newest construct of Avenue Fighter 6. Though Capcom simply pulled the curtain again on the subsequent batch of fighters to hitch the roster, my demo included the primary playable classes for the final trio of reveals: Guile, Juri, and newcomer Kimberly. Since Kimberly was the wildcard of that bunch, I opted to spend most of my hands-on time discovering what she brings to the desk. After only some rounds, I had a troublesome time wanting to modify to anybody else.

When you haven’t been maintaining, Kimberly is a ninja pupil of Man who adores the ‘80s and graffiti. She incorporates the latter curiosity into her acrobatic offense, reminiscent of throwing exploding spray cans like they’re shurikens. That’s foolish and unbelievable. She’s additionally set to play a pivotal position within the plot. I spoke to Avenue Fighter 6 director Takayuki Nakayama and producer Shuhei Matsumoto who instructed me that Kimberly, Luke, and Jamie act as the sport’s foremost faces to go with the previous guard of Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li.  Luke is the star, Jamie brings a technical recreation, and Kimberly emphasizes velocity. 

Given Kimberly’s obvious significance, it’s good to know she’s a blast to make use of. Kimberly’s swiftness permits her to rapidly shut gaps with assaults that rush opponents. I beloved executing her operating step-up kick, the place she walks on after which kicks off an opponent’s face, flipping backward to right away create distance once more. Or you may comply with this transfer up with an over-the-top powerbomb. Talking of cool wrestling strikes, Kimberly can cave faces in with a dashing superman punch of kinds that she will chain right into a grapple takedown. 

Her Hidden Variable assault stands as considered one of my favourite tips. This primarily acts as a smokescreen teleport as Kimberly drops an exploding spray can like a smoke bomb to create a “shock” ambush. I loved utilizing this to disorient my opponent and chaining it with strikes that push Kimberly away, permitting me to right away regain floor. Plus, the colourful clouds simply look cool, even when inhaling in all of that paint ought to knock Kimberly out quicker than any punch might. 

I additionally dig what I can solely describe as Kimberly’s tackle Ryu/Ken’s well-known hurricane kick. The one actual distinction is that she ascends vertically as a substitute of spinning throughout the display screen, making it nice for punishing adversaries who get too shut, negating aerial assaults, and launching opponents in mid-air. This transfer might be executed mid-jump, and nailing it feels immensely satisfying. That about sums up Kimberly as an entire. She has an entertaining and playful fashion that meshes effectively with the prevailing roster. 

A demo isn’t sufficient time to grasp all of Kimberly’s intricacies, however she’s one other stand-out rookie in a recreation that is doing effectively in that respect. She’s essentially the most enjoyable I’ve had enjoying a combatant in Avenue Fighter 6 as far as somebody who favors speedier, agile characters. I am unable to wait to get to know Kimberly higher when the sport launches subsequent yr. 

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