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Little Hero Kokoro – Beta Demo


Little Hero Kokoro is a captivating top-down puzzle journey the place you’ll be able to rotate sections of land that will help you traverse the sport world.

In Little Hero Kokoro you management a cute trying little creature that has the power to rotate sections of the land that it stands on. You’ll be able to rotate land clockwise or anticlockwise (so long as there aren’t any obstructions), permitting you to bridge gaps throughout the water. In every space of the world you want to accumulate a certain quantity of glowing gems to progress, however to succeed in them you’ll want your land-rotating skills.

It’s a really chilled out and addictive recreation, with a fantastic artwork fashion and cleverly crafted puzzles. The land-rotating mechanics are very satisfying and determining the right orientations can provide up a pleasant problem.

Play The Little Hero Kokoro Beta Demo Here (Home windows)

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