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Mr. Saitou – Beta Demo


Mr. Saitou is a unusual narrative-driven journey a few stressed Japanese businessman who finds himself in a mysterious fantasy land of Llamaworms.

A sequel/spin-off of the wonderful Rakuen, Mr. Saitou is a brief narrative-driven journey a few businessman who’s overwhelmed by a lifetime of overworking, stress and isolation. He collapses and finds himself in a hospital the place he meets a child who tells him a few unusual race of Llamaworms. It’s not lengthy till he’s spirited away into their world the place he’ll embark on a life-changing journey.

It’s a pleasant little recreation with a number of quirky characters to satisfy, a enjoyable humorousness and a significant story beneath all of the charming nonsense. Its weird Llamaworm populated world has a Studio Ghibli-esque religious fantasy vibe and the Llamawormd are very cute (even your annoying boss!). Extremely really useful.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Mr. Saitou Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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