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Naruto and Team 7 Bring the Ways of the Ninja to Fortnite


After a lot anticipation, Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto and Staff 7 from “Naruto Shippuden” have arrived on the Island in Fortnite

The Arrival of Staff 7 

Naruto Uzumaki, The Hero of Konoha – the Hidden Leaf Village and Jinchuriki host of the omnipotent nine-tailed beast Kurama has arrived — together with the remainder of Staff 7 — to take you thru to a Victory Royale!

Accompanying Naruto, the opposite members of Staff 7:

  • Sasuke Uchiha: Because the final surviving member of one of the vital {powerful} clans within the Hidden Leaf Village, Sasuke grew up with a powerful dedication of vengeance that fueled his want to develop in power. Expert with the spectacular visible Jutsu of the Sharingan and youthful brother of the famed Itachi Uchiha.
  • Sakura Haruno: Infatuated with Sasuke from an early age, Sakura was assigned to Staff 7 from their formation. She was all the time watching from behind as Naruto and Sasuke grew in power. Decided to not be a burden on the group, she set off to turn out to be a protege of one of many three Legendary Sannin, leading to her turning into one of many biggest Kunoichi, a feminine ninja.
  • Kakashi Hatake: From his background within the formidable Anbu Black-Ops, Kakashi is the chief of Staff 7 and Naruto’s first trainer exterior of his time on the Academy. Generally known as The Copy Ninja for his deft talent in copying virtually any Jutsu he sees within the Shinobi world utilizing his second-hand Sharingan, and is likely one of the most famed Ninja within the Shinobi world.

Now’s your probability to channel your interior Ninja and play as one of many members of Staff 7!

Naruto Outfits 

  • Naruto Uzumaki (with Seventh Hokage variant Type): Consider it!
  • Sasuke Uchiha (with the Snake Sword Pickaxe): My solely objective is within the darkness.
  • Sakura Haruno (with Sakura Uchiha variant Type): We’ve to be robust. You and me collectively.
  • Kakashi Hatake (with Black Ops Kakashi variant Type): I’ll defend you with my life. All of you.

Naruto Again Bling

Naruto Back Bling
  • Pakkun Again Bling: Kakashi’s smallest ninken.
  • Demon Wind Shuriken Again Bling: A shuriken with fearsome curved blades.
  • Hidden Leaf Cloak Again Bling: A heat cloak match for happening missions.
  • Scroll Again Bling: Accommodates Methods

Naruto Pickaxes

Naruto Pickaxes
  • Black Ops Sword Pickaxe: A sword utilized by the black ops.
  • Kunai Pickaxe (with Black variant Type): A pointy weapon favored by the shinobi.
  • Snake Sword: Sasuke’s beloved sword.
  • Hidan’s Scythe: The scythe of alternative for curse rituals.

Naruto Glider and Emotes 

Naruto Glider and Emotes 
  • Kurama Glider: A fearsome nine-tailed beast sealed inside Naruto Uzumaki. (Comes with the Shinobi Teamwork Loading Display)
    Summoning Jutsu Emote: Did you bear in mind to type your contract?
  • Ramen Break Emote: Deal with your self to a lil’ shinobi snack.

Go to the Hidden Leaf Village

When getting into the Inventive Hub you’ll instantly end up within the Naruto world! When you’re able to see extra, speak to Naruto in entrance of the Hokage residence to be transported to the Hidden Leaf Village Journey Map! 

The Hidden Leaf Journey Map will immerse you within the Naruto world, supplying you with the possibility to go to places such because the Hospital, the Hokage residence and Ichiraku!

Set out and discover to see what number of secrets and techniques you could find. Full quests from Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi, situated across the village, to unlock much more breathtaking & iconic places such because the Closing Valley and the Chunin Examination area.

You possibly can enter the Naruto-themed Inventive Hub or the Hidden Leaf Village Journey Map instantly by choosing the “Inventive” tile within the Discovery tab.

The Naruto-themed Inventive Hub will likely be accessible from 10 a.m. ET November 16 to 10 a.m. ET November 23 and the Hidden Leaf Village Journey Map will likely be accessible from 10 a.m. ET November 16 till 10 AM a.m. November 29

Discover Kakashi on the Island and Full His Missions

The Copy Ninja himself Kakashi Hatake ison the Island able to set you up with ninja-themed Quests. Don’t fear if you happen to’re unable to method him immediately. He’ll be round for the remainder of the Season!

Paper Bomb Kunai

Grow to be a real Shinobi with the Paper Bomb Kunai! Till the tip of the Season, it is possible for you to to seek out Paper Bomb Kunai on the Island as a model new weapon. Go to Kakashi on the Island to get your fingers on this {powerful} weapon or discover them in Chests and Loot Llamas. 


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