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New Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Trailer All But Confirms A Past Vs Future Theme


Past And Future

Ooooh, we do love Pokémon hearsay, particularly when there’s a lot proof to go on our board of loopy theories. The most recent Pokémon Scarlet & Violet trailer simply dropped, and it appears to verify that Scarlet and Violet will in some way be tied to the previous and the longer term, so let’s dive in to all of the proof…

The logos


A straightforward one to start out with: The Scarlet and Violet typefaces suggest that Scarlet is old-timey (that pretty serif font appears to reference an Artwork Nouveau-era previous, which is a giant deal in Spanish artwork and structure) and Violet is futuristic (sans-serif, simplistic, one thing you would possibly see on Star Trek). However that does not inform us a lot, so let’s dive additional in…

The professors

The brand new professors, Sada and Turo, are wearing fairly apparent references to the previous and future. Sada is mainly dressed like a cavewoman, with tooth-like equipment and torn material, which is an odd counterpart to the Artwork Nouveau font. Turo, then again, is dressed like he simply got here again from a Tron conference.

The legendaries

We simply bought a take a look at the brand new field legendaries for Scarlet and Violet: Koraidon, for Scarlet, and Miraidon, for Violet. The previous/future theming is kind of apparent right here, as each appear to be themed round motorbikes, planes, or vehicles for some purpose.

Koraidon appears to be like like a feathered dinosaur, and way more like a typical Pokémon design than Miraidon, who seems to be made out of leftover Tesla components. Even Miraidon’s eyes are futuristic, being made from LEDs, with easy, shiny textures throughout its physique, and lightning popping out in all places.

The names

Ah, Pokémon has at all times been about puns and delicate references within the names of Pokémon and its characters — and Scarlet and Violet are not any totally different.

Professors Sada and Turo are each delicate(ish) references to the Spanish phrases for previous and future, pasada and futuro. Excellent work, localisation staff.

Miraidon and Koraidon take their inspiration as an alternative from Japanese — mirai means historical, and korai means future.

Different hints


There are many ruins within the atmosphere, plus loads of previous buildings — similar to the world’s Spanish inspiration. And, as it is a Pokémon sport, there are additionally new, futuristic buildings, like Pokémon Facilities and no matter this is:


What does all of it imply? Nicely, that is much less clear. It appears to be like as if the video games might be just about the identical in most different methods, though the thought of time journey and the chance that the 2 video games will in some way be set in a previous and future model of PokéSpain aren’t completely out of the query. It is a cool dichotomy to discover, and it is stunning that Pokémon — the sequence that loves dichotomies greater than another — hasn’t actually explored it earlier than!

Did you discover any extra previous/future references? Inform us within the feedback!

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