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Norco Review – Soul Food


Level-and-click video games cemented the huge potential of interactive narrative on the flip of the century, using modern environmental/dialogue puzzles with evocative pixel artwork and chiptune music. These days, we lose ourselves in impossibly giant sandboxes with equally intensive choice-driven plotlines. It’s becoming, then, that Norco appears like a valuable relic from the Sierra-led Golden Age of digital adventures. Geography of Robots’ debut title ponders unchecked capitalism and classism on the coronary heart of America’s oft-neglected Deep South. Furthermore, Norco’s retrofuturistic and web.artwork aesthetic is propped up by a few of the finest surrealist storytelling I’ve witnessed since Kentucky Route Zero.

Norco reimagines the bayou as a collection of interconnected nodes on a map. I bounced round quite a few venues, parsing historic manuscripts in rundown outlets, shopping for pet food on the comfort retailer, fetching hallucinogens from dirty rest room stalls, and talking with the residents. Every vignette pops with psychedelic hues – rivers sparkle beneath the tree line, half-light casts lengthy shadows throughout grassy knolls, watercolor-clouds kind above the empty freeway. Norco’s writing may point out that the town is distorted and diseased, however it’s attractive to behold, nonetheless.

Protagonist Kay returns simply as her titular Louisianan group is getting ready to erasure. Kay’s youthful brother Blake is nowhere to be discovered, and her estranged mom, Catherine, lately succumbed to most cancers. Within the months earlier than her demise, Catherine was conducting analysis on a floating anomaly at a close-by lake, incomes the suspicion of evil oil conglomerate Protect. As Kay, I wandered by means of a bizarre, modernized Norco, hoping to seek out Blake and full Catherine’s lifework. Norco teems with pleasant twists and horrifying realizations that introduced me face-to-face with washed-up detectives and grotesque machines, amongst many different eccentrics. There’s a number of dialogue and world-building, however the prose’s dreamlike and philosophical high quality makes each block of textual content a pleasure to learn.   

On the uncommon event that I had bother maintaining with the traces, I accessed Kay’s “MindMap,” a sensible subversion of the standard quest log the place vital objects, NPCs, and places are linked. Right here, I may reminisce about important occasions and relationships for extra particulars, progress the plot, or recall secondary targets. Norco primarily touts puzzle-based gameplay, however don’t be fooled; the loop is chock-full of its fair proportion of nuance. At one level, a multi-part activity required me to hover over backdrops with a cellphone digicam to disclose invisible options, giving revisited areas an added degree of depth and marvel. There are even peripheral puzzles that I may’ve missed if I hadn’t meticulously explored environments with my cursor, masterfully paralleling the enigmatic and illusory nature of the story.  

My one gripe with Norco is its tacked-on fight system. Once in a while, Kay and her ever-growing band of occasion members – e.g., a stuffed monkey, a fugitive safety droid, and so on. – cross paths with aggressors. Assaults are minigames that vary from replicating on-screen patterns to clicking enemy weak spots in timed intervals. I rapidly grew weary of those redundant encounters. In a recreation filled with distinctive design selections, preventing paled compared, and I’m relieved there are solely a handful of those sequences.


I’ve by no means performed a recreation like Norco, which elegantly celebrates and admonishes its cultural roots whereas concurrently chronicling an odd doomsday situation. Kay and Catherine’s shattered America shouldn’t be so dissimilar from our personal – burgeoning industrial complexes threaten to displace low-income households, automated techniques supersede human staff, and the filthy wealthy work across the clock to discourage upward mobility. The sport isn’t at all times gloomy. One cool evening, I sat atop Metropolis Corridor and gazed on the constellations with a stranger. Hours earlier, I flipped by means of treasured reminiscences on a defective flatscreen TV. Norco is an unforgettable reminder that there’s an inherent magnificence behind the insanity.

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