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Oblivion Override – Beta Demo


Oblivion Override is a 2D roguelike motion sport the place a you’re taking management of a customizable fight robotic and brawl your means by way of a post-human robotic world.

Beforehand featured on Alpha Beta Gamer through the closed Beta enroll, Oblivion Override is a quick paces side-scrolling roguelike hack and slash sport set inside a robotic civilization that grew from the ashes of the human civilization. Within the sport you’re taking management of an experimental fight robotic which might use pace, multi-directional air-dashes, wall-runs and double-jumps to get the drop in your enemies. You may also use all kinds of weapons, every with their very own assault fashion and you may improve your central cortex with talents and perks.

It’s a powerful sport, with quick and fluid fight, an enormous vary of various viable preventing builds/kinds and delightful 2D visuals. You’ll take pleasure in going for a journey with Oblivion Override.

Download the Oblivion Override Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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