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Pokémon Go Fest 2022 Is Underway! Here Are the Rare Catches


Comfortable Pokémon Go Fest, trainers! We now have two lengthy days of catching Pokémon in entrance of us. To be part of this competition, you must purchase the ticket within the in-game merchandise store for $14.99.

As we full analysis challenges that result in a legendary encounter with Shaymin, we’ll wish to be looking out for 3 Pokémon who’re leaving their areas and can solely be right here for the 2 days. These Pokémon are: Tropius, Torkoal, and Galarian Mr. Mime. We’ll want to make use of incense to lure all of them out after they seem of their habitats.

Because the Fest unfolds, every hour brings a distinct habitat with totally different Pokémon to catch. Many will be the uncommon shiny variant. This is what you’ll discover in every, together with the shiny alternatives:

Magnemite (shiny)
Costumed Pikachu (shiny, tougher to search out)
Galarian Weezing (shiny, tougher to search out)
Alolan Grimer (shiny)
Hitmonchan (shiny)
Baltoy (shiny)
Trash Cloak Burmy (shiny)
Bronzor (shiny)
Pidove (shiny)
Trubbish (shiny)

Girafarig (shiny)
Dunsparce (shiny)
Larvitar (shiny)
Numel (shiny)
Torkoal (arduous to search out, MUST USE INCENSE)
Trapinch (shiny)
Buizel (shiny)
Costumed Pikachu (shiny, arduous to search out)
Axew (shiny, arduous to search out)
Patrat (shiny)
Shelmet (shiny)
Rufflet (shiny)
Litleo (shiny)

Rain Forest
Mudkip (shiny)
Seedot (shiny)
Tropius (arduous to search out, MUST USE INCENSE)
Shroomish (shiny)
Slakoth (shiny)
Turtwig (shiny)
Costumed Pikachu (shiny, arduous to search out)
Pancham (arduous to search out)
Chimchar (shiny)
Karrablast (shiny)
Binacle (shiny)

Omanyte (shiny)
Swinub (shiny)
Wingull (shiny)
Meditite (shiny)
Wailmer (shiny)
Spheal (shiny)
Galarian Mr. Mime (MUST USE INCENSE, full analysis job)
Piplup (shiny)
Cubchoo (shiny)
Costumed Pikachu (shiny, arduous to search out)
Galarian Darumaka (shiny)

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