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Pretty Perspective Puzzler ‘Maquette’ Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch


Dolls homes, Superliminal, Gorogoa, and Disney World. What do you get if you happen to mash all of them up? You get one very excited and confused 8-year-old, and also you get Maquette, an Annapurna-published sport that got here out on PC and PlayStation in 2021.

The core puzzley idea of Maquette is recursion — you recognize, things-within-things, inception, no matter you wish to name it — which have been explored efficiently within the aforementioned Superliminal and Gorogoa, the place every thing is a matryoshka of intelligent twists.

Maquette will trick you with its perspective and delight you with its perception-shifting puzzles when it comes out on the Nintendo Change in Winter, 2022.

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