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Radio Viscera – Beta Demo


Radio Viscera is a carnage-filled isometric twin-stick shooter the place you smash by partitions and hurl enemies into traps with a excessive powered air-cannon!

In Radio Viscera you tackle the position of a lowly employee at a closely industrialized satanic Y2K cultist compound. After damaging your swimsuit in an accident you’re unceremoniously advised to destroy your hazard swimsuit by plunging it into acid with you continue to in it. You’re not too eager on this concept and determine to struggle again.

Your primary type of fight in Radio Viscera is a excessive powered air-cannon which might’t kill enemies outright, however it may possibly stun them and fireplace them into close by hazards corresponding to trash compactors and grinders. It’s additionally remarkably good at smashing by partitions, which is helpful as there are many them between you and a showdown along with your evil boss.

It’s a splendidly chaotic sport with a fantastic humorousness and playful sport design. Inflicting havoc in Radio Viscera’s destructible environments is a hell of plenty of enjoyable and the truth that you need to propel your enemies into environmental hazards provides a pleasant tactical ingredient to the fight. It’s additionally a good way to launch any pent up aggression you’ve towards you office!

Download The Radio Viscera Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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