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Random: Logan Paul Made A Table Out Of Game Boys, And The Internet Isn’t Happy


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Picture: Nintendo Life / Damien McFerran

YouTuber Logan Paul is a person who has his fingers in lots of pies, however his newest enterprise has riled up Nintendo fandom fairly spectacularly.

Paul took a number of Recreation Boy Coloration consoles (a few of that are fairly collectible) and poured epoxy resin excessive of them to create a desk – which additionally lights up:

The response on-line has been fairly hostile, with many individuals questioning the knowledge of successfully destroying consoles which may have supplied a lifetime of leisure.

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Different individuals are kindly stating that there are different, much less harmful methods of celebrating your assortment:

You may argue that what Paul has carried out isn’t any completely different from the framed Recreation Boy consoles we coated not so way back, however these have been confirmed as being defective models by the corporate which produces them, which implies lively consoles aren’t being taken out of circulation. It is price stating that Paul may properly have used damaged consoles for this mission, however he hasn’t confirmed this as but.

Whereas the entire episode has upset a good few individuals, there are a lot who do not see what the fuss is about:

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What do you make of Paul’s creation? Do you assume it is a crime to wreck completely playable Recreation Boy Coloration programs, or is that this a gorgeous sufficient mission to make it worthwhile? Tell us within the feedback.

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