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Random: Mario’s Nips Return For Summer 2022


Mario's Nipples
Picture: Nintendo

Mario’s nipples are, surprisingly, a topic of nice debate. Yearly, Nintendo has posted a pleasant, summery render of our plumber boy on the seaside, and this 12 months isn’t any completely different. However when Mario’s on the seaside, and never at work, he trades in his overalls for swimming trunks — and meaning that is the one time that we see him topless.

In 2020, Nintendo determined (for no matter motive) to excise poor Mario’s nips, presumably out of some Nintendo-esque have to PROTECT THE CHILDREN from the horrors of considering that Mario is mammalian. The web, to not be outdone, determined that this was weirder than simply letting Mario have nipples within the first place, and so in 2021, Nintendo put them again the place they belong.

We all know that each one summer time this 12 months, you have most likely been questioning if Mario is nippled or nip-less this 12 months. It is a bit like ready to see the color of the smoke that says whether or not there is a new Pope. So we’re glad to let you know all that Mario nonetheless has his nips firmly in place for 2022:

The tweet, although, incorporates a typo (“you” as a substitute of “your”) so it would get taken down. Here is the picture, so you’ll be able to at all times recognize our favorite mammary-possessing plumber:

A summery picture of Mario going surfing (with nipples)
There they’re. They’re tiny, however they’re there — Picture: Nintendo

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