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Random: New Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Glitch Lets You Fireproof Wooden Weapons


Death Mountain Fire

One other day, one other tasty little Breath of the Wild glitch for you all. Sure, the sport that retains on giving… er, retains on giving! The most recent glitch for the four-year-old open-world journey lets you make any flammable weapon in your arsenal completely ‘fireproof’. This implies you would, theoretically, scale the lava-filled Demise Mountain utilizing the cute-but-pretty-useless Forest Dweller’s sword, when you so need.

Why would you need to try this? Ours is to not purpose why, ours is however to inform and check out. As found and posted by iLegendofLinkk on Twitter, the method for making your fragile wood gear fireproof is straightforward:

GamingReinvented has gone into extra depth with a tutorial of their very own (see under), however primarily it entails inserting a bomb, setting your weapon of alternative on fireplace and setting the bomb off as you sheathe stated weapon. Easy!

Apparently you possibly can’t fireproof your gear whilst you’re really on Demise Mountain (in all probability one thing to do with the ambient temperature affecting the weapon in your again, as GamingReinvented speculates). Nonetheless, when you’ve fireproofed your Deku Leaf earlier than you head there, you are presumably free to sort out the lava-spewing volcano area with the lowliest of {hardware}.

You realize, when you like.

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