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Random: Nintendo Didn’t Know What A Bounty Hunter Was Before Metroid Prime


Metroid Prime Space Samus
Picture: Nintendo / Retro Studios

Earlier in the present day, we shared a model new Did You Know Gaming? video (see beneath) that mentioned the event historical past behind the unique Metroid Prime. From its begin as a 3 protagonist-lead combat in opposition to eugenics to its eventual shift to a first-person Samus Aran-starring recreation, it is protected to say the creation course of behind considered one of Nintendo’s finest video games was sophisticated, for lack of a greater phrase.

One amusing little nugget to come back out of this video is a moderately uncommon revelation. Samus Aran is often known as a ‘house bounty hunter’, implying she’s a form of Boba Fett-type character. That is precisely how Retro Studios, the developer behind the Prime sequence, noticed Samus, however on the time, Nintendo had a very totally different understanding of who Samus was, and what a bounty hunter was.

This was revealed when Bryan Walker, senior producer on Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, mentioned the workforce’s unique idea for the ultimate recreation within the trilogy with the Did You Know Gaming? workforce. Retro Studios wished to carry its bounty hunter imaginative and prescient for Samus into the gameplay instantly by making a extra open world for her to discover. Bryan had this to say in regards to the idea:

“We weren’t proposing, in any method, form, or kind — even in our wildest desires — that we’d have like Metroid Prime Skyrim… We weren’t speaking about 200-hour sidequests or something like that. [More precisely, it was] the power for the participant to function out of a hub space, and to go onto totally different missions that did not essentially lend themselves on to the conventional path-progression {that a} Metroid Prime recreation was recognized for, so far as traversal, retraversal, and so forth. [Samus had] the power to step exterior of that and do extra issues on the aspect.”

Fairly than cash, Retro Studios was going to reward Samus and the participant for taking over these bounties and missions with upgrades. All in all, this seems like a incredible thought, however as we all know, it sadly by no means got here to fruition. And all due to a distinction of opinion on what Nintendo noticed Samus as.

Bryan spoke of this discovery through the video, too, saying:

“Kiyo, who was one of many translators, boiled it down very effectively within the assumption that our Japanese companions had of Samus — that she was not doing it for the cash, she was being very altruistic. And I believe he rolled out the time period ‘motherly’. She was caring for folks, what she was doing was actually out of the goodness of her coronary heart, as a result of she deeply cared about humanity. Which was as distant from Boba Fett as you may get. I by no means would have equated Samus with the definition of an altruistic motherly affect, provided that she had the title of ‘bounty hunter’… We had been simply Kiyo as he was describing this, like, are we even on the identical planet??”

It was solely after days of beating this out with Nintendo that Retro Studios found that Nintendo did not know what a ‘bounty hunter’ even was, but had been utilizing the time period way back to 1986! As a substitute, the Massive N considered Samus as a ‘house adventurer’, which makes a number of sense provided that considered one of her essential musical motifs calls her a ‘house warrior’. Sounds a bit nobler, does not it?

So we did not get our dream Metroid idea due to a misunderstanding? Sigh. Properly, there have been different components, corresponding to a small improvement workforce, however it may not be time to lose hope, as Nintendo has possibly come round to the concept of Samus searching bounties. In Metroid Dread, Samus is seen selecting up a mission through the intro, with ADAM warning that the hazard of the mission is simply too nice for the bounty that is being provided. One for Metroid Prime 4, possibly?

Tell us what you consider this amusing little misunderstanding within the feedback.

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