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Random: The Stardew Valley Subreddit Keeps Making Very Convincing Fake Relationship Advice Posts



Reddit could also be recognized for lots of unsavoury issues, however it’s additionally a repository for a number of the most entertaining tales and peeks into different folks’s lives, largely within the type of AITA (Am I The Asshole) and relationship recommendation posts. These normally unfold with the poster detailing some egregiously horrible/hilarious subject that they are having with their accomplice, by which it is extremely clear whether or not they’re/aren’t the asshole, after which everybody shares it on social media, the top.

The Stardew Valley subreddit hasn’t had a lot information to speak about for some time, since developer ConcernedApe is difficult at work on Haunted Chocolatier, so as a substitute they’re amusing themselves with pretend AITA posts… and I preserve falling for them. I preserve considering they’re actual, and that somebody is in a horrific relationship involving means too many chickens, alcoholism, and staying up late mining each evening. It is normally not till about 2/3 of the way in which in that I even discover that they are from the Stardew Valley subreddit!

My first playthrough of Stardew Valley, I married Leah — the shy artist with a horrible ex. She’s quiet, and largely retains to herself; essentially the most dramatic factor that occurred in our relationship was in all probability me not selecting to show all her statues. I’ve restricted room in my home, Leah. A few of it needs to be reserved for practical furnishings.

However my second playthrough, I married Sebastian. He is… effectively, he is principally a man in his 20s who nonetheless acts like a goth teen. He stays in his locked basement bed room principally all day, popping out not often to eat.

Since Stardew Valley’s relationships are constructed up with presents and speaking, which means wooing Seb normally includes standing proper outdoors his locked door, ready for him to emerge, each single day, till you’ve got given him sufficient eggs that he likes you sufficient to unlock his bed room door completely. Then you’ll be able to barge in everytime you like. When you did that in actual life you’d be arrested.

Clearly, a few of these are extra Stardew than others — if there is a reference to “Joja” or “farming” within the first few sentences, I can in all probability guess they’re a few online game and never actual life. However the ones that preserve it obscure, and undertake the tone of an actual AITA submit? They get me virtually each time.

However severely, AITA for basically stalking the man I appreciated till he agreed to marry me…?

What’s your AITA Stardew story? Inform us within the feedback!

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