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Random: There’s A Lot Of Creepy New Stuff In The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update


Picture: u/Etown20 (Reddit)

Spoilers for among the new Animal Crossing gadgets!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons simply bought an enormous replace with over 9,000 new gadgets. Now, 9,000 new gadgets is a number of furnishings for the web to slowly uncover, and but, we have already observed a theme: There positive is much more creepy stuff than there was.

Do not get us flawed, there was creepy stuff earlier than. We have had the power to create our personal graveyards from day one, in spite of everything. However now there are BONES. Unnerving sprucing results. Two new digicam filters that make the whole lot look form of haunted. And over in Blissful Dwelling Paradise, you’ve got bought shoppers requesting homes stuffed with dolls. Is everybody at Nintendo okay?

Let’s check out among the unsettling new gadgets obtainable within the replace:

Human Bones

Picture: u/Dancho_AC (Reddit)

Strive not to consider this one too arduous. Positive, we have had the cranium obtainable as a fossil for some time, however that is historical man — these bones look latest. Our cash’s on the bones belonging to somebody who saved resetting their sport…


Picture: u/jaspercoo (Reddit)

Positive, mannequins aren’t creepy once they’re simply displaying off garments, however they’ve doubtlessly creepy functions. In spite of everything, these are mainly the primary human-shaped furnishings we have seen in New Horizons — should you needed to show garments earlier than, you’d simply get a bit of stand. Even in New Leaf, garments had been displayed on a villager-like wood model with no options. These are ACTUAL PEOPLE-SHAPES and the implications are huge. Do actual individuals exist in Animal Crossing? The place are they? What’s flawed with our villagers that makes them not appear to be that?!

Mossy Stuff

Once more, moss is not scary by itself — it is mainly only a sponge manufactured from grass. However with the proper inside design know-how, you may make some downright spooky properties in your villagers utilizing the brand new Glowing Moss materials!

New Animated Wallpapers

There are two new animated wallpapers that may make you want you set a bathroom down within the room: Graveyard, and Candles. These do not sound too scary, however there is a trick to each…

With the Graveyard wall, attempt turning the lights off, and you will discover that there is a ghost within the background. Flip the lights on and off once more, and the ghost will transfer nearer. Horrifying!

The Candles wall is cool, however when mixed with the Magic Circle flooring (and the lights off), a magical summoning circle of sunshine will seem. You’ve got been warned. Don’t summon demons! It is arduous sufficient to get ugly villagers off your island, you do not want the spawn of Devil too.


More sinister than he looks
Extra sinister than he appears to be like

Gyroids are beautiful, and really cute, however they’re additionally a bit of horrifying, too. They’re based mostly on Japanese haniwa — figures that had been made to honour the lifeless, and had been buried with them. While you’re digging them up, you possibly can be disturbing a grave.

The Science Pod

You need to be a kind of bizarre mad scientists with a basement stuffed with horrible experiments? Excellent news for you: The brand new Science Pod furnishings merchandise features as a desk, and you’ll put gadgets in it to appear to be they’re floating suspended in goo. Some examples:


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Very similar to the mannequins, the ruins have sinister implications. Who was right here earlier than us… and what occurred to them? There are ruins on the Blissful Dwelling Paradise island, and you may also create your personal by unlocking the furnishings your self.

We’ve got to surprise why Nintendo added all this weiiiird new stuff. Positive, it provides individuals new choices for haunted homes and goth islands, however they did not need to go this arduous!

Have you ever discovered any creepy furnishings or new content material? Tell us within the feedback!

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