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Random: This New Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Duplication Glitch Works With Korok Seeds


There needs to be a crossover on the Breath of the Wild Venn diagram between “individuals who actually, actually need all 900 Korok Seeds” and “individuals who do not thoughts dishonest to get all 900 Korok Seeds”, proper? Excellent news for them: They will have their Korok cake and eat it, with this newly-discovered merchandise duplication glitch!

The duplication glitch works for something that may be stacked — star fragments, arrows, supplies, meals, and so forth.

Listed below are the steps, as described by Gaming Reinvented:

  1. Go to any store, together with Beedle’s travelling store
  2. Drop the merchandise you need to duplicate (or a complete stack if you’d like heaps)
  3. Be sure you don’t have any extra of that merchandise in your stock
  4. Seize a multishot bow, and hearth a shock arrow
  5. Drop the bow
  6. Repeat step 4 and 5, 5 or 6 instances
  7. When Hyperlink begins to glitch out within the stock (see picture beneath), maintain as a lot of a standard merchandise as you’ll be able to
  8. Unpause the sport
  9. If you happen to’ve achieved it proper, Hyperlink will probably be holding the gadgets within the stock, however not within the overworld
  10. Decide up the bows (so you’ll be able to repeat the glitch)
  11. Communicate to the shopkeeper and promote the frequent gadgets you are “holding” within the stock
  12. Decide up the merchandise you need to duplicate
  13. Go to your stock, and “cease holding” the frequent gadgets
  14. This could change them with copies of the duped merchandise!

Time to be afraid, Koroks. We’re about to steal all your seeds.

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