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Random: This Penny Has Diddy Kong Engraved On Abe Lincoln’s Shoulder


Effectively, this is a narrative to fill your random Nintendo ephemera quota for the day: somebody has micro-engraved Diddy Kong onto a 1 cent coin. You understand, as you do.

As proven off by @VolksDK on Twitter, a buddy (later identified in the Twitter thread) used a course of referred to as ‘ion milling’ which apparently strips layers of atoms and lets you engrave extremely tiny issues on objects of your selecting — issues that appear to be a mere speck to the bare eye.

Whereas doing necessary lab work or engraving your belongings with figuring out markings is perhaps what some folks would select to do with considered one of these marvellous machines, plainly @allypaca13 needed to pay tribute to their favorite Kong as a substitute. We’re assuming that is the case, as a result of why would anybody select a fallacious Kong for this form of factor when Diddy is clearly the perfect candidate, proper? Proper?

Observe the next pics as we zoom in on ol’ Sincere Abe’s proper shoulder to seek out the Diddiest of Kongs…

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