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Residual Review (Switch eShop) | Nintendo Life


Booting up Residual for the primary time can really feel a tad overwhelming. You’re chucked head-first onto a wierd, seemingly barren planet with nothing however a number of fine details to get you began. You step out of the consolation of your ship into the cruel, unforgiving 2D atmosphere and you may really see your starvation and stamina ranges lower earlier than your eyes. It’s panic-inducing at first, however like many nice survival video games, exploration reaps rewards; after only a brief time period, you’ll be overflowing with instruments, meals, assets, and extra as you’re employed to discover a means off the planet.

What’s good is that you just’re not alone in your quest for survival. Accompanying you is the wise-cracking floating Private Catastrophe Bot (or PDB for brief), who offers recommendation on how you can preserve your well being, what assets it’s essential to be gathering, and how you can navigate the procedurally generated planet. It should additionally throw the occasional jibe your means, which now we have to confess received a bit annoying after some time. The voiceover for PDB feels like an apparent nod to Claptrap from Borderlands, and its robotic tones can grate on you after some time. Fortunately, the sport permits you to flip down particular volumes like ambient music, sound, and annoying robotic voices.

You’ll have plenty of completely different ‘pockets’ inside your stock to handle as you navigate the planet: meals, instruments, objects, and assets, alongside a crafting menu. The UI is primary, but oddly complicated on the similar time; objects and assets have very imprecise accompanying icons, so till you correctly familiarise your self with the huge array of things obtainable, you’ll have to hover over every choice till you discover what you’re searching for.

To alleviate this considerably, the sport does no less than introduce you to new ideas step by step as you make progress. You’ll begin off with primary supplies like sticks, vines, rocks, and so on, and you may head again to your ship at any time to craft mining units as a way to collect assets reminiscent of steel and graphite. In the beginning of the sport, you’ll additionally acquire a transportable teleporter gadget, which you’ll deploy anyplace you want on the map and immediately journey proper again to your ship. Belief us on this, you’ll wish to carry it wherever you go.

Touchdown on the floor of the planet feels daunting sufficient by itself, however when you’ve crafted an vitality supply, you may open up the principle entrance to an underground labyrinth crammed with weird creatures, locked passageways, destructible rocks, and extra. It’s additionally extremely darkish, so it’s helpful to craft torches and even campfires as you slowly inch your means by way of the maze. It’s rather a lot to soak up, and that is the place the sport actually begins to bombard you with numerous objects and instruments, so it’s advisable to take your time and all the time head again to your ship, if want be.

In fact, when you’re exploring, you’ll have to maintain a detailed eye in your starvation and stamina ranges. Gathering meals scraps like berries and oranges is significant to your survival, however so is an efficient nap. You’ll be able to relaxation up at any campfire you’ve created, or you may merely head again to your ship and pop your head on a snug pillow, however the requirement to take action is a little bit too frequent for our liking. The one method to actually alleviate that is to decelerate the in-game time pace through the choices.

Along with primary survival expertise, you’ll additionally want to contemplate what sort of planet you’re inhabiting. With the sport being utterly procedurally generated, there’s each likelihood you can land on a planet that’s only a tad too removed from the solar, that means it’s tougher to take care of your go well with’s features through daylight due to the longer nights. Little issues like this make an enormous distinction, but in addition goes an extended method to encouraging a number of play periods.

Motion of your chosen male, feminine, or non-binary character feels comparatively serviceable for essentially the most half, however takes some getting used to. You’ll be able to’t soar very excessive, and so that you’ll typically end up scrambling up ledges, which requires you to carry down the soar button as you are approaching the ledge. Equally, climbing and swinging on vines doesn’t really feel as pure because it maybe ought to; leaping is mapped to ‘X’ by default, however when you’re on a vine, you must use ‘A’ to leap off it. It goes towards muscle reminiscence, so we regularly discovered ourselves scrambling for the suitable button. Just for a microsecond, thoughts, but it surely’s sufficient.

All of that is contained inside a visible expertise that’s crammed filled with persona. The planet itself seems to be nice, with color gradients lighting up the sky and wildlife masking the planet’s floor. The deep caves are naturally nearly pitch black, however lighting up a torch or activating close by gentle sources uncover some actually pretty wanting environments. The heavy pixel type won’t be to everybody’s style, but it surely works properly right here.


Residual is a complete survival expertise that followers of the style will completely adore. Exploring the procedurally generated planets feels a bit daunting at first, however when the sport opens up and begins allotting important assets, it turns into much more manageable. There are a number of teething points that we hope will likely be ironed out in time, just like the complicated stock UI, overly frequent have to eat/sleep, and the marginally dodgy navigation controls, however total Residual is a enjoyable, participating 2D survival recreation that may sit proud alongside style heavies like Minecraft and Don’t Starve.

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