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RimWorld Console Edition Brings a Rich Colony Simulator Experience to Xbox – Out Now


RimWorld Console Version is obtainable right now for Xbox One and playable on Xbox Sequence X|S in backwards compatibility mode. Expertise distinctive, randomly generated tales directed by one among three AI storytellers as you identify your colony on a barren and harmful world.

Critically acclaimed and loved by over 1,000,000 gamers on PC, RimWorld Console Version brings that premium colony simulator expertise to consoles. Crashland on a lonely planet on the fringe of area and construct up your colony from nothing. Decide from a spread of randomly generated colonists – every with their very own likes, dislikes, skills and quirks. Full quests and survive brutal assaults from enemy raiders, you’ll have the prospect to recruit extra survivors with the purpose of growing your wreckage right into a sustainable haven.


The sport has been rebuilt from the bottom up for controllers, with a totally redesigned person interface and management scheme. Navigating the sport is straightforward and fast, any motion like constructing, defending, buying and selling, looking and assigning duties being achieved with minimal inputs for a satisfying expertise.


Design and develop a colony together with your motley crew, ranging from nothing and growing your base into a totally functioning, sustainable colony. Collect assets and analysis new applied sciences, from primitive weapons to superior, futuristic gadgets. As your colony grows, you’ll encounter more and more tough threats decided by the AI storyteller, specifically generated to create probably the most attention-grabbing narratives. No story is ever the identical because the final.

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Managing your colonists is crucial to their survival. Get palms on with their work schedule and prioritisation of duties. Whether or not they’re good at their jobs depends on their stats and traits. Every colonist has their very own abilities, randomly generated by the storyteller, which influence how efficient they’re in sure conditions. A pacifist is rarely going to battle and a pyromaniac goes to like setting fires round your base – which may result in some attention-grabbing conditions.


As your colony grows and your colonists settle in, the storytellers will proceed to throw surprising raids to defend in opposition to – from mad, man-eating rabbits to full-on Mechanoid assaults. Make use of defensive techniques by means of the sport’s fight engine which is interwoven and impacted by the AI storytellers. A colonist’s efficiency in battle is affected by different parts of their lives; possibly they had been nearly to eat earlier than a savage raid, have come down with an epidemic and even simply had an argument with their accomplice and are on edge – all of those attainable conditions have an effect on their fight capability. Enemies will duck and dive by means of cowl and do something to get the higher hand, so do all the things you possibly can to defend in opposition to their assaults!

RimWorld Console Version is a wealthy expertise with by no means ending potentialities, bringing the critically acclaimed gameplay to console audiences with a slick new person interface and management scheme, all dropped at life by means of the three AI-driven narrative storytellers.

Get pleasure from RimWorld Console Version proper now on Xbox One, playable on Xbox Sequence X|S in backwards compatibility mode.

RimWorld Console Edition

Xbox Live

RimWorld Console Version

Double Eleven Ltd.


Buy RimWorld Console Version now and obtain:
– RimWorld Console Version sport

– Uncover a brand new generated world every time you play.
– Handle colonists’ moods, wants, wounds, diseases and addictions.
– Construct within the forest, desert, jungle, tundra, and extra.
– Watch colonists develop and break relationships.
– Battle pirates, mad animals, and historic killing machines.
– Tame and practice cute pets, productive cattle, and lethal assault beasts.
– Type caravans to finish quests, commerce, battle, or migrate your complete colony.
– Dig by means of snow, climate storms, and battle fires.
– Be taught to play simply with the assistance of an clever and unobtrusive AI tutor.

It’s designed to co-author tragic, twisted, and triumphant tales about imprisoned pirates, determined colonists, hunger and survival. It really works by controlling the “random” occasions that the world throws at you. Each thunderstorm, pirate raid, and travelling salesman is a card dealt into your story by the AI Storyteller. There are a number of storytellers to select from. Randy Random does loopy stuff, Cassandra Basic goes for rising rigidity, and Phoebe Chillax likes to chill out.

The sport generates an entire planet from pole to equator. You select whether or not to land your crash pods in a chilly northern tundra, a parched desert flat, a temperate forest, or a steaming equatorial jungle. Totally different areas have completely different animals, crops, ailments, temperatures, rainfall, mineral assets, and terrain. The challenges of surviving in a disease-infested, choking jungle are very completely different from these in a parched desert wasteland or a frozen tundra with a two-month rising season.

Your colonists are usually not skilled settlers – they’re crash-landed survivors from a passenger liner destroyed in orbit. You possibly can find yourself with a nobleman, an accountant, and a housewife. You’ll purchase extra colonists by capturing them in fight and turning them to your facet. So your colony will all the time be a motley crew.

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