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Shotgun King – Game Jam Build Download


Shotgun King is a intelligent little turn-based roguelite twist on the traditional recreation of Chess, the place you solely get to manage a king, however he’s armed with a shotgun!

Created for Ludum Dare 50, in Shotgun King the Black King has misplaced his whole military due him not being a very good king. Nonetheless, he does nonetheless have his trusty shotgun, which ought to enable him to face as much as the White King’s military till his inevitable demise.

The foundations of Shotgun King are fairly totally different from a traditional recreation of Chess. The items can all nonetheless transfer within the acceptable instructions and also you lose in case your king will get taken, however the shotgun means that you can purpose and shoot at enemies from a distance and the White King’s military can transfer a number of items every flip. Additionally taking items may give your playing cards that mean you can transfer like them and between rounds you possibly can choose perks which might support you a bit of.

It’s an addictive little recreation with a enjoyable premise that delivers an ingenious roguelite twist on the age-old recreation of Chess. See how lengthy you possibly can final earlier than you get checkmated!

Download Shotgun King Here (Home windows)

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