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Spirit of Hellements – Alpha Sign Up


Spirit of Hellements is a mazing fashion tower protection sport the place you construct summon spirits to slay the hordes of hell as they stroll alongside pathways you create by blessing the bottom.

In Spirit of Hellements you’ll must harness the facility of the Hellements as you fend off waves of demonic abominations from Hell. In every map you’re capable of summon and improve spirits (that are successfully your towers), and you too can bless the bottom to create a pathway for the hordes to stroll alongside.

The maps include particular Hellement tiles that are infused with hearth, lighting or wind. You may bless the bottom to make the demonic hordes stroll by the tiles (inflicting them with totally different results) or you possibly can place your spirit defenses on these tiles to infuse them with highly effective skills.

It’s a enjoyable wanting tackle tower protection with top quality visuals, loads of depth and novel methods supplied up by the Hellement tiles. Join the Alpha to see when you can maintain the hordes of Hell at bay!

Sign Up For The Spirit of Hellements Alpha Here

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