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God of Struggle followers have been launched to a brand new facet of Kratos when God of Struggle launched on PS4 in 2018. Should you haven’t but skilled the story of father and son touring the realms of Norse fable your self, or if it’s been some time, we’re able to catch you up to the mark.

To organize for the upcoming launch of God of Struggle Ragnarök on November 9, we’ve invited two of the perfect storytellers we all know to recap the journey of Kratos and Atreus from God of Struggle (2018): the superb Felicia Day and the Smartest Man Alive, Mimir! 

The brand new Myths of Midgard video is an animated storybook recounting the occasions of God of Struggle (2018), with a objective of catching you up on the earlier recreation. 

Earlier than you watch, beware – there are spoilers forward! 

Story details you need to know before playing God of War Ragnarök

After all, the easiest way to expertise God of Struggle (2018) is to choose up the Leviathan Axe and leap in your self (out there with PlayStation Further and Premium membership plans*). It’s also possible to choose up the God of Struggle (2018) Digital Deluxe Version for $9.99 USD through the PlayStation Retailer Summer season Sale by way of August 17.

Hungry for a fair deeper abstract of God of Struggle (2018)? Preserve studying for a full recap.

God of Struggle (2018) Story Recap 

Our story begins with an finish, the funeral of Faye – mom to Atreus and spouse of Kratos. Her final want imparted to her household is to scatter her ashes on the very best peak in all of the realms. This request begins a journey that forces father and son to work collectively as they face the damaging Norse wilds stuffed with beasts, monsters, and less-than-friendly gods.  

The Father 

Kratos, regardless of making an attempt to depart his bloody previous because the Ghost of Sparta behind, remains to be haunted by the person – the god – he was. His relationship with Atreus has been distant, stern, and disciplined. Now dealing with the loss of life of his spouse, Kratos should be taught to be the daddy that his son wants to allow them to each survive their journey throughout distant realms to put Faye to relaxation.  

The Son 

Atreus is a younger boy coping with the sudden lack of his mom and a chilly, distant father. Regardless of being sickly as a baby and solely very just lately recovering sufficient to journey, Atreus needs nothing greater than to satisfy his mom’s ultimate want and show to his father that he’s sturdy. 

Having been taught by Faye learn how to use a bow and hunt, Atreus hopes that he can present Kratos he might be an asset on their journey and that he’s now not the frail boy he was. 

Arrival of the Stranger 

After the funeral of Faye, Kratos and Atreus are visited by a mysterious stranger – one who appears intent on choosing a combat with the legendary God of Struggle from a distant land. Baldur says he’s despatched by Odin to research the house and its residents, indicating that maybe he, and the remainder of the Norse Gods, are rather more conscious of Kratos’ previous than even his personal son. 

They conflict, tearing by way of the earth and rock surrounding the house in a bloody brawl that reveals Baldur has misplaced the power to really feel something – impervious to ache and pleasure alike. Although the battle is shut, Kratos is ready to harness his rage and eventually beats Baldur into submission. Whereas he has rid them of the rapid risk, Kratos realizes that his residence, and his son, are now not secure. They have to make the journey now – whether or not Atreus is prepared for it or not. 

Surprising mates in surprising locations 

Considering that they’re in search of the very best peak in Midgard, Kratos and Atreus journey in direction of the tallest mountain of their realm. 

Alongside the way in which they meet the Huldra Brothers, Brok and Sindri, who’re famend dwarven smiths. Whereas the brothers are coping with some familial pressure, each Brok and Sindri present their help and companies after seeing that Kratos wields the Leviathan Axe, a weapon that they had personally solid for his or her buddy and Kratos’ late spouse, Faye. 

In addition they encounter the mysterious Witch of the Woods, who presents them her help together with information of learn how to use the Bifröst, a magical device that permits father and son to traverse between the 9 Realms. The Witch is later revealed to be the Vanir goddess Freya, mom of Baldur and exiled spouse of Odin. 

Mission completed! Or is it? (It’s not) 

As Kratos and Atreus are lastly in a position to attain the height with Freya’s steering, they arrive to see Baldur already there, flanked by two hulking accomplices, Magni and Modi – the sons of Thor. They spy the Aesir gods interrogating a person who has been fused to a tree, although they rapidly go away after receiving little from the evasive prisoner. 

Mimir, as soon as an envoy and advisor to Odin, is the self-described Smarted Man Alive and at present being punished on suspicion of betraying the All-Father. 

He reveals that whereas our heroes have made it to the very best peak in Midgard, they haven’t but reached the very best peak in all of the realms. Their true vacation spot resides in Jötunheim and can, by all accounts, be relatively arduous to get to contemplating all entry has been blocked. 

Mimir is aware of of one other method, however first offers Kratos the pleasure of decapitating him and pleading his case to the Witch of the Woods to magically revive his severed head so he will be freed from Odin’s jail.  

Lastly studying of Freya’s godhood, Kratos distrusts her as he distrusts all of their variety. After reviving Mimir, she advises Kratos to inform Atreus that he’s half god, identical to his father. Freya warns that denying his son’s true nature will solely deliver the boy ache. 

Ignoring her recommendation – Kratos, Atreus, and the freshly revived Mimir set off to search out the instruments wanted to open a passage to Jötunheim. 

Sons of Thor 

Alongside their journey, the trio are ambushed by the 2 males they noticed accompanying Baldur, Magni and Modi. They battle Kratos and Atreus fiercely, although Kratos is ready to strike a killing blow on Magni. 

Modi flees, however later finds the pair once more. By killing Kratos, he hopes to regain his honor and show that he’s worthy of Thor’s legacy. Modi subdues Kratos, however seeing his father in peril, Atreus instinctively triggers what seems to be his personal Spartan Rage potential.

Not figuring out his personal godhood, Atreus is overwhelmed by the sudden surge and falls unconscious, his childhood sickness seemingly returned and worse than ever. Kratos fends off Modi, who rapidly departs figuring out his life is at risk. Seeing that Atreus is barely alive, Kratos takes his son to Freya within the hopes her magic might help save his son.   

The worth of secrets and techniques 

Freya reveals that Atreus’ illness is precipitated as a result of battle between his nature as a god and his ignorance of that reality. She believes she has a therapy that may wake him however requires the center of a creature in Helheim, the realm of the useless.

Realizing the frost-attuned Leviathan Axe might be of little assist to him within the frozen wastelands of Hel, Kratos returns to his residence and retrieves part of his previous he had hoped to depart behind – the Blades of Chaos. 

The Blades have been as soon as a device of fiery bloodshed and a logo of Kratos’ servitude to the Greek gods, a lot of which he killed in his life because the God of Struggle. Realizing they’re the important thing to saving his son, Kratos chooses to acknowledge his previous for the sake of saving Atreus and equips the Blades of Chaos as soon as once more. 

Kratos efficiently retrieves the center for Freya, permitting her to save lots of his son. After he regains consciousness, Kratos reveals to Atreus their true nature as gods. 

Regardless of Atreus’ sickness fading with this secret now within the open, the boy grows more and more boastful. Modi finds the pair once more, determined to attempt to end them off to regain a scrap of respect from Thor. Badly crushed by his father for failing to kill Kratos and letting his brother Magnai die, Modi proves to be little risk. Atreus stabs the weakened Modi in direct defiance of Kratos’ order, killing the god as soon as and for all. 

Seeing that Atreus’ newly revealed godhood has precipitated his son to grow to be more and more merciless and boastful, Kratos is aware of he should educate his son to be higher earlier than it’s too late. 

Sins of the Mom 

Having gathered the instruments to make a portal to Jötunheim, Kratos, Atreus, and Mimir return as soon as once more to the height of Midgard to journey to the realm of the Giants. 

As they arrive, they’re ambushed by Baldur. As an alternative of following his father’s instructions and leaping by way of the just-opened portal, Atreus, in his vanity, tries to combat Baldur alone. 

Kratos intervenes, however throughout his conflict with Baldur, the portal to Jötunheim is destroyed. Baldur incapacitates and captures Atreus when the boy tries to assault him single-handedly once more and takes off in direction of the Lake of 9. Kratos follows, their battle finally results in the Realm Journey Room, the place Baldur makes an attempt to take them to Asgard. On the final second, Kratos diverts the Bifröst to a different realm as an alternative, Helheim. 

Within the realm of the useless, they’re confronted with specters of not simply Kratos’ previous, however Baldur’s as nicely. Whereas father and son overcome the trials of this frozen realm, they uncover the supply of Baldur’s invulnerability was a spell solid by his mom.

On the time of his start, Freya had realized that her son was fated to be killed. To stop any hurt coming to Baldur, she casts a spell to guard him from all magical and bodily threats. Regardless of Freya’s mastery of the artwork, Vanir magic is notoriously slippery and arduous to regulate. The spell had a single weak spot she couldn’t forestall, Baldur wouldn’t be impervious to mistletoe. 

As Baldur grew, the results of the spell turned clear. Whereas the god was invulnerable to every little thing, it additionally rendered him fully numb – unable to really feel ache, and all of life’s pleasures too. Regardless that he begged Freya to undo the spell, she wouldn’t for concern of the prophecy coming true and her son dying. Baldur grew to hate and resent his mom for denying him the power to really feel. 

After Baldur’s relationship with Freya and the reality of his situation is revealed, Kratos and Atreus escape again to Midgard having reconciled and made amends to one another following the occasions of Modi’s loss of life and Baldur’s assault. 

Dying of a god 

After the destruction of the portal to Jötunheim, Mimir shares one final resolution: they will attempt to get to the realm of the Giants. Earlier than they will try it, Kratos and Atreus are attacked once more by Baldur who additionally escaped Helheim, however this time Freya intervenes. 

Incensed by his mom’s arrival, Baldur seeks to kill not solely Kratos and Atreus, however lastly actual revenge on his mom for the spell positioned on him at start. 

Having labored collectively over your complete journey throughout the realms, father and son now combat in unison. Collectively they push again Baldur, solely to see Freya as soon as once more attempt to cease the preventing by subduing Kratos. As Baldur strikes to strike a ending blow, Atreus protects his father, putting himself between them which causes the Aesir god to punch the mistletoe arrowhead Atreus saved as a binding for his quiver. 

With the arrowhead impaled by way of his hand, the spell lastly breaks and Baldur, for the primary time in his life, is lastly in a position to really feel every little thing – the ache of an harm, the chilly snow beneath his ft, the solar on his face. 

Reveling within the new sensations, Baldur recommences his assault with a mad vigor – relishing in all the emotions he had by no means been in a position to expertise earlier than. 

They combat once more, however by way of their shared energy, Kratos and Atreus are lastly in a position to beat the newly susceptible Baldur, who calls for they kill him and finish his life whereas he’s nonetheless in a position to really feel. Freya pleads with them to spare her solely son, and Kratos relents – figuring out all too nicely the ache a father or mother feels at shedding a baby. 

As they flip to depart, Baldur makes use of his remaining energy to attempt to strangle Freya as fee for his years of numb torment. Freya accepts her loss of life, hoping it’s going to give her son some semblance of peace in his life to know she’s gone. 

Kratos, seeing his personal bloody errors about to be repeated by Baldur, steps in to save lots of Freya’s life by killing her son. Unable to simply accept his loss of life, Freya cradles the useless physique of Baldur whereas swearing vengeance upon Kratos for taking away her solely little one, even when it meant that she would stay. 

The very best peak in all of the realms

Lastly in a position to make the journey to Jötunheim with the assistance of Mimir’s Bifröst eyes, Kratos and Atreus attain a Large temple – one which has their complete journey carved into the partitions. The Giants had seen what would come to go, in addition to what had come earlier than. 

They uncover that this was all left for them by Faye, who was a Large herself – a secret she had saved from her husband and son. Atreus lastly uncovers the total reality of his heritage, that he’s not solely half god and half mortal, he’s half Large as nicely. 

Atreus had two names, one was given to him by his father and the opposite, his mom. The title Faye had bestowed upon him was Loki. 

Collectively Kratos and Atreus scatter the ashes on the height of Jötunheim, lastly fulfilling their quest. 

Fimbulwinter has fallen 

As they return residence to Midgard, Mimir warns them that the loss of life of Baldur signifies that the primary occasion mentioned to mark the arrival of Ragnarök has come to go.  

Kratos and Atreus now discover themselves on the heart of a prophecy that has foretold the whole upheaval of the 9 Realms and a battle so nice it leads to the deaths of many Aesir gods together with Odin and Thor. 

Father and son must select their path because the freezing winds and snows of Fimbulwinter envelop their residence in Midgard.  


Uncover the remainder of the story your self when God of Struggle Ragnarök launches on PS5 and PS4 November 9, 2022.

For the most recent updates round God of Struggle Ragnarök, be sure to observe Santa Monica Studio on Twitter, Fb, and Instagram.

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