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Strange Horticulture Review (Switch eShop)


Strange Horticulture Review - Screenshot 1 of 4
Captured on Nintendo Change (Docked)

Unusual Horticulture takes on some large challenges. It’s a fastidiously authored story that wishes to be pushed by interplay, and it’s a single-scene play area that wishes to create immersion in an entire world. It’s such a difficult line to stroll between structured gameplay that’s interactive however dry and a fastidiously managed story that limits interplay. However with Unusual Horticulture, Dangerous Viking pulls it off. It creates deep immersion in a well-rounded world whereas ranging from a easy place. The filling-out of the world as we performed got here from our personal discoveries, and we had been drawn powerfully into the rising intrigue of the plot.

In Unusual Horticulture, Dangerous Viking has created a thriller story set in a bizarro-style English Lake District, the place real-life place names nestle amid castles, stone circles and non secular cults. The participant runs an apothecary dealing in specialist crops with medicinal, mind-altering, magical and even mechanical results. Every day, a collection of shoppers arrive at your counter in want of horticultural assist. By cross-referencing what’s in your plant shelf with what’s in your plant-cyclopaedia, you determine the salves, syrups and embrocations which can be wanted. There’s a loop of studying and labelling crops to obtain extra crops and extra information pages that instantly sucks you in.

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Captured on Nintendo Change (Docked)

Nevertheless, the sport quickly takes off into extra subtle areas. An early in-game resolution permits you both to assuage a buyer’s ills or exacerbate them – and you could carry the ethical doubt of both motion whenever you resolve. A gorgeously compelling map invitations you to discover the sport’s nice open air, which is finished by deciding on grid coordinates, after which you obtain a textual content description of what happens. Hints begin to emerge about the place fascinating spots could be, and the plot thickens as you uncover clues buried in letters and gadgets you already had. Earlier than we realised it, we had been neck-deep in murderous intrigue, lengthy having crossed the moral Rubicon, and with a desk piled confoundingly excessive with paperwork, scraps of paper, books, instruments and maps.

One important truth about Unusual Horticulture is that its screenshots promote it quick. It does look engaging – and sounds unbelievable too – however the restricted selection within the captured pictures belies the fascinatingly various and complicated expertise that’s on provide. On this respect, it resembles video games like Papers, Please and In Different Waters – and followers of these glorious video games actually must examine this out.

Having been launched on PC some months in the past, Unusual Horticulture is, in reality, crying out for a desktop to play on. An onscreen keyboard is ample to sort out the minimal quantity of plant labels, however shifting your cursor to shuffle papers, water crops, stroke your cat (sure! and it purrs!), and every little thing else actually wants a mouse (a pc mouse – not for the cat). Compounding issues for the Change is the teeny-tiny textual content in some locations. Whether or not you’re making an attempt to learn on a TV from a distance or on a diddly handheld, it may be a battle.

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Captured on Nintendo Change (Handheld/Undocked)

Dangerous Viking and Iceberg Interactive have carried out every little thing they will right here to mitigate the issues (aside from including mouse help it appears – we did check that). Shoulder buttons and the d-pad are used to scroll or skip completely different interplay areas of the display screen, to scale back pointer utilization, and there is a ZL/ZR perform to zoom out and in that gives you a combating probability with the textual content. The result’s… OK. Utilizing a bigger OLED Change in handheld mode, we loved ourselves, however it felt lower than splendid. We settled for operating most of our playthrough on a desktop monitor as if utilizing a PC. By doing this, we stopped wishing for a mouse earlier than too lengthy and all was proper with the world of Change gaming.

The way in which Unusual Horticulture takes one thing minimal and spins one thing grand from it’s splendidly spectacular and simply pure enjoyable. That preliminary gameplay loop – seek for a plant’s description in a e book, discover the plant to match it, then get rewarded with one other plant or one other web page for the e book – units up a deceptively highly effective mechanism for increasing the world. When all you’ve gotten is a necessity to decide on a plant from a shelf and a shelf filled with crops, all of a sudden not having the plant you want could be very, very significant. It is like all you’ve gotten is a hammer and a field of nails. You’ve been fortunately hammering away – getting fairly good at it – then all of a sudden somebody exhibits you a woodscrew. It’s past your conceptual realm; you’re befuddled. Then, although, they allow you to “uncover” a screwdriver and it’s as if the world simply doubled in measurement. Every time a brand new mechanic creeps in, it takes you into a brand new place, with this joyous feeling of “Wait – there’s extra?!”

Strange Horticulture Review - Screenshot 4 of 4
Captured on Nintendo Change (Handheld/Undocked)

Mix that drip-fed gameplay with the fluidity of the writing on present and it truly is magical. We believed we had been scouring unrelated texts and discovering our personal new connections, and mixing analogue objects in ingeniously novel methods. In reality, every little thing in Unusual Horticulture is tightly put collectively, and there’s not likely something we may have carried out apart from taking the approaches we felt we’d “invented”. It’s a skillful phantasm. The steadiness of dependable, predictable interactions that minimise frustration, with natural-feeling dialogue, textual content snippets and objects is simply pleasant. The effectiveness of all that is evidenced by the presence of a really exact and non-spoilery trace system. The sport is on-rails sufficient to be clearly signposted, however so nicely laid out that we barely felt inclined to the touch the trace button in any respect. We had been having an excessive amount of enjoyable to recollect the trace button was even there.


Unusual Horticulture’s greatest battle is shoehorning itself into the Change’s little display screen and thumbstick controls. It does that nicely sufficient to protect its marvel, however if in case you have a PC to play it on, that could be preferable. It comes from a quite simple place: a one-screen playfield with fundamental, closely scripted interactions. However that’s the good backdrop to throw the participant’s new discoveries into sharp reduction and convey an eerie world and gripping thriller to life. This irresistible immersion stems finally from a quiet and unassuming begin, so keep it up – it’ll develop on you.

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