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Strayed Lights – Beta Demo


Strayed Lights is a visually beautiful Souls-like third individual motion journey that focuses on parry-based fight as a being of sunshine has an awakening.

In Strayed Lights you’re a tiny being of sunshine who awakens in a darkish oneric world filled with mysterious creatures (some pleasant, some not so pleasant). The core fight is coloration and parry centered, with you in a position swap between two totally different coloration varieties, and in case you parry assaults to the corresponding coloration then it costs your particular assault gauge. As soon as your particular gauge is totally charged you may unleash it to kill enemies in a single hit. It’s also possible to unlock different assaults that permit you to simply assault enemies usually, however by far the best strategy to take care of enemies is by way of the parry system.

Whether or not you get pleasure from Strayed Lights will seemingly be largely depending on how eager you’re on its parry-based fight. In case you’re extra of a block and dodge-roll kind when taking part in Souls-likes then chances are you’ll discover it a bit too punishing, however in case you like to parry then you definately’ll have a blast. The artwork path is great and its mysterious world is an enchanting place to discover. The creatures you meet are additionally very distinctive, significantly one boss who has the persona of an enormous playful monkey who doesn’t know he’s harming the wildlife round him.

Download The Strayed Lights Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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