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Welcome to Black Iron Jail, a maximum-security penitentiary situated on the desolate floor of Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. Let’s dive into how The Callisto Protocol’s atmospheric environments, compelling characters and monstrous creatures make the struggle to outlive the horrors of Jupiter’s lifeless moon a terrifyingly immersive expertise.

A Futuristic that feels acquainted

One of the crucial necessary features of any survival horror sport is the setting – the place or locations gamers both survive or die. The Callisto Protocol is filled with fear-inducing locales, like Under, a sequence of lengthy deserted tunnels ‘under’ the jail that after serviced Arcas, the Callisto’s first human colony. For Aasim Zubair, director of surroundings artwork, the core idea began with a simple design philosophy: “make it darkish, moist, and creepy.”

Under is an unimaginable showcase of our lighting and gave our surroundings  group a enjoyable problem to design a novel location that was nonetheless thematically much like the Jail above, and supplied environmental clues to its creation and the unique Callisto colony.

And it actually is. Nevertheless, Under’s surroundings stands out within the sci-fi survival horror sport due to its grounded inspiration.

“[Below is unique] as a result of the vast majority of it’s based mostly off real-world supplies and shapes,” says Zubair. “As a substitute of the rugged sci-fi design cues that dominate lots of the sport’s different environments, Under permits the participant to really feel grounded in one thing acquainted and relatable whereas additionally letting them look into the previous of humanity’s first try to colonize the lifeless moon.”

Along with grounding gamers in a recognizable surroundings, Zubair’s favourite a part of the surroundings is the temper and storytelling. “Under gives an excellent alternative for exploration, hidden areas, creepiness and an opportunity to make use of the house for compelling environmental storytelling,” he says. 

If you happen to dare to discover the darkish recesses of Under there’s loads of secrets and techniques to find and possibly even a glimpse of the unique colony’s darkish previous.

A terrifying human story in a pioneering future

Like Under’s environmental storytelling, Lead Author R. Eric Lieb crafted a compelling story and complicated characters to intensify gamers’ sense of dread and worry in The Callisto Protocol. “Complicated characters are necessary as a result of their actions and selections they make are what in the end drive the plot,” says Lieb. “Nevertheless, the horror style serves as a novel crucible for characters the place their actions and selections are sometimes actually a matter of life and loss of life.”

The connection between the sport’s protagonist, Jacob Lee, and his jailer, Captain Leon Ferris, is one other compelling narrative hook. “In growing Leon we regularly described him because the ‘darkish mirror’ of Jacob,” says Lieb. “Thematically each start in an identical place, both oblivious about (or willingly blind to) the implications of their actions.”

“Their assembly shatters each of their comfy worlds,” says Lieb. “How every reacts to what’s taking place inside Black Iron – in addition to who, precisely, is responsible – varieties the core of their relationship [as well as] the participant’s understanding of the world that’s introduced to them all through the sport.”

Sam Witwer’s voicework and performing brings the compelling character of Captain Farris to life. One of many issues that made him stand out throughout auditions was his method to the character. From the beginning, he imbued Leon with a refined menace, like a coiled snake that will or might not strike, that simply retains you on edge. Sam is an actor who needs to know every little thing in regards to the character and their position within the story, so as soon as we forged him as Leon it was very a lot a collaboration as we continued to develop the character. 

Throughout read-throughs, for instance, Witwer was at all times asking insightful questions or providing ideas that resonated with both the logical or emotional motivations of that scene. And he was at all times spot-on. No spoilers, however there’s one particular scene the place Sam supplied a suggestion throughout taking pictures that Hanging Distance Studios folded into the move. Sam Witwer has unimaginable instincts and a incredible understanding of what makes a narrative work.

Biophages and the descent into monstrosity

Character Director Glauco Longhi and the creature designers at Hanging Distance Studios additionally acknowledge the significance of heightening worry by creating creatures which are relatable and grounded. 

“We began with the thought of contaminated people in order that a part of the worry is what occurred to them may additionally occur to you,” says Longhi. But it surely’s not merely that biophages have humanoid shapes, they’ve postures based mostly on distinctly human feelings resembling ache, worry, and fury.

The Callisto Protocol accommodates loads of enemies to intimidate and terrify gamers, however Grunts are probably the most human-looking. “[Grunts] bridge the hole between people and extra monstrous creatures, [their] silhouettes, proportions and anatomy is considerably near people,” says Longhi.

The Rusher is one other warped enemy that walks on partitions, sprints, and leaps at gamers. “[Rushers] have this contortionist, crooked kind of movement with twisted joints and limbs,” says Longhi.

Uncover extra terrifying monsters, compelling characters, thrilling plot factors, horrific environments when The Callisto Protocol releases on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on December 2, 2022.

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