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SUB – Game jam Build Download


SUB is a submarine exploration recreation the place you employ LIDAR scans to visualsze and navigate mysterious uncharted waters.

Created for the GMI Group Jam 2022, in SUB you are taking management of a bit of submarine in a completely black void. You’ll be able to visualize the world by finishing up LIDAR scans which let you map a whole lot of tiny dots onto the atmosphere at a time. As you discover you uncover that you simply’re in a really peculiar place and also you’ll want to search out sure coloured objects to flee.

The submarine velocity could be very gradual and it’s a bit of arduous to manoeuvre, however the environments are fascinating and it’s loads of enjoyable utilizing the LIDAR scans to find them. It might be an awesome idea for increasing on sooner or later as exploring its darkened recesses is an interesting expertise.

Download SUB Here (Home windows)

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