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thatgamecompany On Sky: Children Of The Light And Seeking Humanity’s ‘Brighter Side’ – Feature


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The Change eShop had a notable current arrival, with thatgamecompany making its Nintendo debut with Sky: Kids of the Mild. It is a studio that achieved notable acclaim in a interval of PlayStation exclusivity, with titles corresponding to Flower and Journey setting excessive requirements in artistry and emotional impression. After Journey, nonetheless, there was a change in focus as work started on Sky: Kids of the Mild. Now not targeted on PlayStation, after quite a lot of years it arrived as a free-to-play title on iOS and Android; on the floor that will appear moderately shocking.

The sport has earned a sizeable viewers over the previous 2+ years, and its transfer to Change is an intriguing one. Although the thought of ‘free-to-play’ or ‘free-to-start’ instantly comes throughout negatively to some, this title does do issues moderately in another way, unsurprisingly contemplating the workforce that is created the expertise. We have loved our time with it to this point, giving it a recommendation in our Sky: Children of the Light review.

We were fortunate to talk recently with thatgamecompany’s President & Creative Director – Jenova Chen – to learn about the game, the team’s goals and motivations, and what makes it a valuable gaming experience as it arrives on Switch. We also cleared up how the free-to-play model and its seasons work, with the answers making it clear that this is a game that the developers want everyone to experience properly, regardless of how much they decide to invest.

We start off with an introduction to the game from Mr Chen.

Sky is a social adventure game where players come together to usher the light back into the world. It’s a game that inspires compassion, wonder and friendship for the players, and it’s a virtual theme park. During this trailer I show two year’s worth of content that came across eight different seasons, and there are many different stories and types of experience. For example there is a season about using magic to turn a desert into an oasis. There is also a season where we take players to a tropical island for a summer vacation, the Ethereal Dungeon that challenged players, and more.

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