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The Tartarus Key – Beta Sign Up


Beta signal ups are actually stay for The Tartarus Key, a PS1 styled horror journey the place you try to flee from a creepy outdated mansion stuffed with intricate puzzles.

Beforehand featured on Alpha Beta Gamer final 12 months, in The Tartarus Key you comply with the journey of a younger girl known as Alex, who wakes up trapped in a creepy outdated mansion. To flee you’ll must pay shut consideration to your environment and resolve deviously designed puzzles.

You’re not alone within the mansion, it seems that there’s a minimum of one different one who has been trapped in there. You’ll work collectively as you discover the mansion, resolve its puzzles and unravel the darkish thriller of who put you there and why. There’s loads of unexplained phenomena too that trace that one thing supernatural is happening (or that you just’re dropping your thoughts).

It’s a formidable recreation, with cleverly designed puzzles, an intriguing narrative and an ideal PS1 period graphical fashion. Join the Beta to see for those who can escape the mansion.

Sign Up For The Tartarus Key Beta Here

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